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General Notes

Increasing one's skill in any given armor skill decreases the maneuvering hindrance and stealth hindrance of worn armor of that type. There is a hefty penalty to mixing armor types that only Paladins (the only guild that is armor primary) learn an ability every 10 circles, up through 40th, which permits one additional kind of armor to be worn without mix penalty, until all four types may be worn without penalty. No other guild is capable of reducing this penalty.

Light armor is common for stealth based guilds, while chain armor is common for others. Many people mix multiple types (sometimes all four), despite the penalties to evasion and stealth, in search of maximizing TDP gain through the additional armor ranks.

See the Armor and shield player guide for more in-depth look at each of these concepts and armor in general.

Body Parts In Need Of Armor

Head - Eyes - Neck
Arms - Hands
Chest - Abdomen - Back

The Four Armor Classes

There are four varieties of weight/protection/hinderance within each class. They are listed lightest-to-heaviest below.

Skill Types Crafted by
Light Armor Cloth, Leather, Bone Tailoring, Carving
Chain Armor Ring, Chain, Mail Armorsmithing
Brigandine Scale, Brigandine, Lamellar Armorsmithing
Plate Armor Light Plate, Plate, Heavy Plate Armorsmithing

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