Khri Dampen

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: Darken
Slot Cost: 2
Difficulty: Tier 2
Type / Skill: khri / utility, warding
Use Cost: 12 Concentration on startup + 3 Concentration per pulse
Path: Subtlety
Description: Crow signs, "The partner to Darken, this will help you keep your movements fluid in order to overcome the disadvantages of being stealthy in armor. With enough skill you will keep chain armors quieter than leather or cloth, or feel the lighter armors on you silent as a second skin. It can even help somewhat with moving in brigandine armor and shields."
Effect: Decrease stealth hindrance, anti-locate barrier, blocks hunt
Messaging: Focusing your mind, you attempt to attune your senses to even your most minor movements. You quickly feel more comfortable with your ability to control your motions to prevent detection.