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Getting Started

New to Elanthipedia? First off, a warm welcome to you!

Wikis have blossomed into a very popular and efficient way for information to be shared and gathered by many people. A wiki dedicated to as dynamic a game as DragonRealms makes a good deal of sense. While some websites must rely on only one or two editors to keep it up to date, Elanthipedia can benefit from the contributions of any DragonRealms player who wishes to contribute. With many editors, information can be added and updated here at the same speed it is added and updated in the game itself.

Whether you are here to simply find information or if you wish to help out around the site by creating or editing articles, we are glad you stopped by!

This area will offer general help on both searching for information as well as wikicode editing for new contributors. Style guides will also give overviews on the conventions upheld here at Elanthipedia.

If you feel comfortable contributing, go ahead and sign-up for an account, and begin editing today. If you still need help after perusing the help material, please feel free to contact an administrator.

Don't know where to get started editing? See our Projects page for ideas.

New Players

See Category:New Player Help‎ for a list of pages designed to help new or returning players.

Information Seekers

Elanthipedia has the potential to be one of the best sources for DragonRealms information out there. If you are here searching for information, take a look at the search help information below.




Personal Pages

User Pages

Feel free to add info to your User page here within the wiki. Just click on your user name in the navigation bar that is across the top of the wiki window.


You can also sign and date your posts by typing four tildes ("~~~~") or clicking the signature icon ( File:Button sig.jpg ) in the edit toolbar. That will add a link to your user page as well as a time stamp.

You can edit your signature in your preferences in the Nickname field. An example is my signature (this is what I put into my Nickname field to set up my signature),

[[User:Naeya|Naeya]] ([[User talk:Naeya|talk]]) (NOTE this is one example only! You can play with yours to do whatever you want, bold, colors, etc)

which gives a link to my user page as well as a link to my talk page for other users to leave me messages. This is how my signature will show up on a talk page:

--Naeya (talk) 01:30, 19 February 2007 (UTC)

If you edit your nickname with links, be sure to check the box next to Raw Signatures.

Character Pages

Feel free to add your character (via a character page) to the Player Characters category. To do this, simply create a new page with your character's name (first name only please), insert the desired information.

You can use our {{PC}} template to create a small table for your character. This will also place your character in the appropriate categories. To use, copy paste the code below and replace the information with your own.

|name     = 
|status   = a/d/r (active/dead/retired)
|race     =
|gender   = 
|guild    =
|instance = (use "," to list multiple instances)
|relat    = (use "," to separate each)

Official Positions

Some PCs also hold official positions within the various governments and organizations of Elanthia. These are referred to as Player Character "Positions of Importance". Please refrain from using any other categories such as race and guild. These are reserved for NPCs.