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Moongate Cyclic spell
Abbreviation: MG
Prerequisites: Circle 25, Teleport
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 1
Mana Type: Lunar Magic
Spell Type: cyclic / utility
Difficulty: intermediate
Prep (min/max): 5 / 25
Skill Range (min/max): 80 / 800
Valid Spell Target: Self, Special
Duration (min/max): Indefinite
Pulse Timing: 10 seconds
Justice: This spell is legal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell does not cause Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: The Moongate spell will allow you to transport other people to any point where you have a moonbeam focused. Just be careful to never cast it without having a moonbeam focused.
Effect: Creates a portal to your moonbeam.
Example Messaging: Xibar:

You gesture.
A fierce blue-white glare forces you to avert your eyes for a moment. When it subsides, a blue Moongate stands before you, rippling slightly.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

You gesture.
A swirling vortex of shadows draws itself from the ground and coalesces into a black Moongate, which yawns open like a hungry maw.
Roundtime: 3 sec.

You gesture.
In a blazing fountain of red-gold sparks, a red Moongate blazes into life. Roundtime: 3 sec.

Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


The following table lists the approximate amount of mana required to open a gate at a given distance in zones as determined by the zone map. This can be reduced by casting Braun's Conjecture, to a maximum reduction of 20%, i.e. 80% of the below mana being required.

Distance Mainland only Islands only Island to Mainland
0 zones 5 mana 6 mana -
1 zone 5 mana 6 mana -
2 zones 6 mana 8 mana 10? mana
3 zones 6 mana 8 mana 12 mana
4 zones 6 mana ? 13? mana
5 zones 7 mana - 15 mana
6 zones 7 mana - 16 mana
7 zones 8 mana - ?
8 zones 9 mana - 23 mana
9 zones 10 mana - 24? mana
10 zones 11 mana - 25? mana
11 zones 12 mana - ?
12 zones 13 mana - -

Casting Information

This is a cyclic spell. To cast this kind of spell, prepare it at the amount of mana you wish to cast it at, and then CAST Katamba/Xibar/Yavash (with a focused moonbeam in place from the target moon in question). Additionally you can CAST Grazhir with knowledge of the 100th circle ability. This spell will continually pulse as long as you have harnessed enough mana to fuel the mana requirements. Cambrinth also works as a source of fuel for cyclic spells, as does your raw attunement if you have the Raw Channeling feat. It requires a minimum of five mana streams, and can expand to a maximum of forty-five mana streams woven into it. Harnessing mana after prepping does not add to the spell's strength but will add duration.

To begin to be able to cast this spell, you will need to reach the rank of a 50th degree adept. (approximately 250 utility ranks). By the time you have mastered this spell, you will be ranked as a guru in your abilities as a caster. It requires the Utility skill to cast effectively.

Without knowledge of the 100th circle ability, if you cast this spell on a moon that is not out, either a voidspawn (more powerful than the invasion version) will emerge from the Moongate and kill your character, or you'll immediately be obliterated by a lash of energy from the rogue gate tinged with razor-edged shadows. If you are killed by the voidspawn, it will break up into multiple Tenebraelings in a sort of mini-invasion.

Unlike Teleport, you cannot open a moongate to or from a boat.

The ongoing cost of the spell is lessened if the caster is standing at one of the ends, and steadily increases the longer it remains open.

Entering the Astral Plane

This spell, like Teleport, can be used to enter the Astral Plane. Note that entering the Astral Plane (AP) with Moongate is considered more difficult than with Teleport, so if the feat is at the edge of your skills, you may be risking a hazardous experience. Nevertheless, using a Moongate to enter the AP is generally the preferred method because, unlike Teleporting into the AP, you continue to hold any mana you harnessed before entering, and the amount of mana that a Moon Mage has harnessed around them while within the AP increases the length of time that said MM can survive within the microcosm.


The caster can GUARD moongate to prevent people from passing through and NOD to a person to allow passage.

Moongate Hue

In general, the color of the moongate is a simple reflection of the source that it is cast upon: blue for Xibar, red for Yavash, and black for Katamba. In addition, other moongate forms exist that correspond to other sources, such as the "wave of distorted reality" that it manifests when cast at the AP, the "rogue moongate tinged with screaming, razor-edged shadows" that you see if you cast upon a nonexistent moonbeam, or simply "a green moongate" as has been seen used by the GMPC King Talorc. (It should be noted that this green moongate is GMPC-only at the time of this writing, so is just as likely to be GM-flavor as it is a hint at another source to tap with the Moongate spell.)

Moongate Properties

You focus your magical senses on the Moongate.
There is a definite pattern of Transduction magic within the Moongate, which holds its form together.
Using a principle of enlightened geometry, the Moongate occupies two points in space simultaneously. Maintaining this effect requires a constant source of Lunar mana to supply the necessary teleportational energy.
Roundtime: 5 seconds.

The red Moongate is a wide, blazing ring of fire encircling a window into another part of the world. A confused wind blows back and forth through it, as if unsure which side of the Gate it prefers.

The black Moongate looks like a pool of rippling ink, standing inexplicably on end. At an angle it appears to be opaque, but peering at it straight on gives the impression of a window into another part of the world.

Intense blue-white light glares from the arch of the Moongate, making it difficult to look at from an angle. Peering at it squarely perpendicular, the glare isn't quite so bright and you can see the gate's destination.

Additional Messaging

Rogue Moongate

You gesture.
A brief wave of disorientation washes outward as reality itself tears wide open, forming a rogue Moongate tinged with screaming, razor-edged shadows.

followed by:

A voidspawn emerges from the screaming Moongate.


A wave of wild teleportational energy erupts from the screaming gate and washes over you! The assault is maliciously short of complete obliteration, granting you a few seconds of awareness as your body is torn apart.

Entering/Exiting Astral Plane

You gesture.
A brief wave of disorientation washes outward as reality itself tears wide open, forming an unstable Moongate around you!
You are pulled through your unstable Moongate.

Zone Map

The Zone Map provides a means to calculate how much mana is required to Moongate a given distance with a given skill.

Alteration Guidelines

  1. Noun must remain "Moongate" and be capitalized in the APPEAR
  2. Spell cast messaging will still reference the proper moon's colors when cast:
    Katamba: "a swirling vortex of shadows"
    Yavash: "a blazing fountain of red-gold sparks"
    Xibar: "a fierce blue-white glare"
  3. If setting a READ, it will be surrounded with quotes.
  4. If you set a custom article, you must set a custom LOOK.

Moongate alterations were first offered by Scion Nileas, during Hollow Eve Festival 439 (2021). He does not limit this service to once per lifetime of a character, so this alteration counts toward any festival alteration limits that may be in place.


Source: a twilight-blue tome swathed in layers of black velvet

Base Description a midnight-black Moongate
Long Description a midnight-black Moongate twinkling with starry motes of light
LOOK Description: Scattered with points of glittering light that pierce through the velvety darkness, the surface of the Moongate shimmers and swirls in a dreamlike motion.
Base Description a sunset-hued Moongate
Long Description a sunset-hued Moongate adorned with fluttery blossoms of crimson light
LOOK Description: Shaded in delicate hues of rosy pink and golden orange, the surface of the Moongate shimmers and swirls in a dreamlike motion.
Base Description a twilight-blue Moongate
Long Description a twilight-blue Moongate surrounded by starbursts of glittery light
LOOK Description: Shaded in delicate hues of dark blue and purple, the surface of the Moongate shimmers and swirls in a dreamlike motion.

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