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Hirelings are a type of Trader-hirable NPCS available within town areas.


HIRE <TYPE> (where TYPE is one of the following)


Though a hireling can be specified when trying to hire them, the likelihood of receiving the right one depends on circle, with a random element.



An attendant can perform the following: groom, dry, perfume, cologne, rope, pouch, pack, goods, follow, stay, leave, dismiss, and cost.

Please be aware some services incur a onetime cost for each use. For a list of prices for services, ask the hireling about cost.


Attained at 8th Circle, the locate hiring can find another person, for a cost.


Criers can be used in order to let the city know that you have a shop open for business or you are available to offer gem selling services. There is a charge for this service though, the criers have two forms of usage.

The first is they can alert all people in the city that your stall or table is open. In order to do this you must HIRE CRIER TOWN CONFIRM. This service will cost you 2,500 kronars.

The second service they offer is to not only alert the town of your presence but to go into neighboring hunting areas and send out messages there to. To use this feature just use HIRE CRIER HUNT CONFIRM. The actual range of this isnt yet confirmed and there is a charge of 5,000 kronars for this service.


Ask the hireling about HELP and he or she will give you instructions and cost to send a message to someone (within city limits).


A dapper servant steps forward and says, "I will use our guild's resources to deliver to a person of your choosing in any of the known provinces for only 3000 Kronars, less if you have recently located, messaged or delivered to your target. First, you will need to hold the item you want delivered in your right hand. Then ask me to weigh the item that you want delivered to make sure it doesn't exceed limitations. If the item is acceptable, you will need to give me the name of the person you want the item delivered."

(To have an item weighed, put it in your right hand and type ASK servant FOR WEIGHT)
(To send the item, keep it in your right hand and type ASK servant for DELIVER <person>)

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