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The Perception skill is the main defense against both stealthy creatures (and characters) as well as PICKPOCKETING and backstabbing.

Spells and abilities that boost Perception

Spells and abilities that decrease Perception

Ways to train


  • Finding hidden creatures and people.
    • Hiding and stalking skill do not help you see somebody hide or stalk. Seeing somebody hide is harder than searching them out afterward. (GameMaster Zeyurn) With around 100 ranks in perception, you will start seeing hidden people without even searching for them.
  • Finding and disarming traps.
  • Locating hidden paths, such as the trail into Forest Geni.
  • Foraging (provides a small bonus to foraging skill)
  • Nearly 100 Titles require Perception ranks.

Abilities and spells that boost Perception


Perception skill is reduced at nighttime unless using a dark-vision ability, such as Khri Sight. This change occurred Summer of 2007.

As confirmed by GameMaster Zeyurn on 3/14/2008, Intelligence and Wisdom are the statistics involved in Perception.

Thanks to the foraging experience changes, foraging is currently faster than juggling in terms of training perception. Foraging vines, for instance, moves the perception skill by one mindstate every 7 forages without using careful or precise at 20 INT, 10 DIS, and 81 perception.

Juggling and weights

In general, you should juggle something that weighs 1/10 of your Perception ranks, rounded down to the nearest 5. For example, if you had 150 ranks in Perception, you would want to juggle something that weighed 15 stones. If you had 154 ranks in Perception, 15 stones would still be your ideal juggling weight.

Note that if you immediately drop the objects you're juggling, you will not gain any Perception experience. This means that you are trying to juggle something that is too heavy.

Per GM Ssra[1] the juggling code is set up to only support teaching perception with jugglings weights of 70 stones or less.

Weight in Stones Ranks Teaches To
1 150
2 160
3 170
5 200
7 230
10 250
12 270
15 300
20 350
25 400
30 450
35 500
40 550
45 600
50 650
60 750
70 850

Juggling items

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