Khri Sagacity

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Thief thumb.jpgThief Guild
Requirements: Serenity, Level 40
Slot Cost: 1
Difficulty: Tier 4
Type / Skill: khri / warding
Use Cost: 20 Concentration on startup + 5 Concentration per pulse
Path: Potency
Description: Kalag the Sly gazes in your direction for a few moments before saying, "Sometimes there is no escape. We've all felt that cold steel draw its breadth across our frame, and most are suprised, as unsuprising as this eventuality is, reacting to the blow without thought. The Sagacity meditation will prepare you to keep your faculties together at the moment when your survival is most challenged. Knowing the best way to minimize the harm you receive may not save your life, but why take the chance."
Effect: Non-ablative, percentage barrier to physical damage.
Messaging: You carefully relax your mind through your expert training, allowing you to focus on your survival even under the most dire threats.