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You can interact with and command your caravan by using the TELL command:

Usage: TELL <CARAVAN> TO ...

HELP: For a list of all possible destinations.


Not all commands are available for all caravan types and not all caravan drivers know all possible caravan routes, locations and towns.

Using Caravans To Lead

Caravans may only lead via major trade routes. Your destination must be reachable without the need to traverse a body of water via ferry, gondola, or boat for the destination to be considered valid.

Possible Destinations in Zoluren

  • Command can be given while inside Crossing for Arthe Dale, Stone Clan and Dirge
  • Command LEAD TO Crossing stops outside NE Gate
  • Crossing
  • Arthe Dale
  • Stone Clan
  • Dirge
  • Ferry to Leth Deriel
  • Leth Deriel to Ferry
  • Gondola to Leth Deriel
  • LEAD TO Riverhaven starts at [North Roads Caravansary]

Possible Destinations in Therengia

  • Therenborough to/from Langenfirth
  • Fornsted to/from Hvaral
  • Riverhaven southern dock to Dirge

Possible Destinations in Ilithi

  • Shard to/from Darkling Wood (starts and stops at [Derelict Road, Whistling Wood]-jackal/rock troll area)
  • Shard to/from Steelclaw Clan
  • Shard to/from Fayrin's Rest
  • Darkling Wood to/from Steelclaw Clan
  • Darkling Wood to/from Fayrin's Rest
  • Steelclaw Clan to/from Fayrin's Rest

Possible Destinations in Qi'Reshalia

Possible Destinations in Forfedhdar

  • Hibarnhvidar to Boar Clan
  • Hibarnhvidar to Ain Ghazal
  • Hibarnhvidar to Raven's Point
  • Boar Clan to Hibarnhvidar
  • Raven's Point to Hibarnhvidar
  • Raven's Point to Ain Ghazal
  • Ain Ghazal to Hibarnhvidar

Rentable caravans

See Trader#Rentable Pack Animals and Caravans.

Player-owned caravans

Player owned caravans are custom caravans available to Traders who have reached at least the 35th circle within their guild. At 35th circle you get a storage box on it and can customize your caravan with both a plate (essentially a bumper sticker) and an exterior customization. The storage box is automatically added and the other two customizations are purchasable at festivals.

In addition to being able to store goods in the storage box on the caravan, Traders can also use it to travel through many of the Elathian roadways. Choosing to travel in this manner allows the Trader (and their passengers) to bypass many of the standard dangers and skill checks associated with traveling by foot.


Caravan interiors are purchased for 750 platinum in local currency from any trade minister by ASKing them about INTERIOR at circle 50. This currently draws from a random pool of standard interior descriptions, so what you get is what you get.


When your caravan, or pack animal, will not be in use for long periods of time, they can be checked in at various caravan stables across the provinces for a small fee. There will be a larger fee to re-claim your caravan if it is left for longer than 4 andaen at the stable.

  • To stable your animal or caravan simply type: PAY <correct amount>
  • To retrieve your animal or caravan type: RETURN ANIMAL or RETURN CARAVAN



Caravan customizations can be purchased at the following stores:


Caravans have exterior/animal, exterior items, interior, furniture, and bumper plate options.

Option Level
Bumper plate 35th
Exterior/animal 35th
Exterior items 35th, any other customization
Interior 50th
Furniture 50th, interior

Exterior look

Both a custom LOOK and bumper plates can be added to your caravan. The custom look includes both your caravan and your animals for both the room LOOK and when you LOOK CARAVAN. The bumper plate will be appended to whatever look your caravan has when you LOOK CARAVAN.

Exterior items

Once any modification has been acquired for a carvan, an exterior shelf may be purchased from As the Caravan Turns that has a "lazy susan" style rotating platter. All of the following items can be purchased and installed, although only one may be active at the same time.

  • Standard disposal bucket.
  • Scales: Gives the weight of an object, though it has weight and size limits.
  • Wayerd pyramid: Bolted on, functional, but non-cambrinth.
  • A tray: Will hold 5 items temporarily. Must be removed before the caravan is stabled.

TURN SHELF is used to change the active item, and STUDY <ITEM> ON SHELF will detail the use and syntax for the item. Note that the qualifier ON SHELF must be included in order to interact with any of the items. E.g. PUT ROCK IN BUCKET ON SHELF.


The interior of your caravan can only currently be customized with furniture additions. There are several things you can do in your interior:

  • STUDY ROOM to list these options in game.
  • GO DOOR to exit the room.
  • PEER WINDOW to look outside.
  • PUSH (PERSON) to evict someone.
  • TAP certain pieces of furniture to hide (or reveal) them.
  • TURNing the DOOR once opens it to allow anyone to enter.
    If you then turn it again, it will allow *only* someone joined to you to enter.

Furniture items for your caravan interior can be purchased at shops specific to the purpose. Furniture shops that sell items for a player owned home cannot be used for your caravan, and vice versa. You are limited to 1 door, 2 large, 3 medium and 4 small items inside your caravan at a time. Shops will indicate the size of the item at the time of purchase.

Furniture items inside your caravan display in one of two ways. They can be displayed openly in the "You also see" section of the room LOOK or they can be grouped into general furniture items which can be seen only by using LOOK FURNITURE. By default, the first two pieces you add to your caravan will display in the room look and the rest will be added to the general furniture grouping. You can use TAP to toggle which way each individual piece of furniture displays. There is not currently any way to change the order that your furniture displays except by removing and replacing them in the order you want.

If you wish to remove a furniture piece so that you can replace it with another then you can visit any trade minister and ASK MINISTER ABOUT FURNITURE to view a list of your current items followed by ASK MINISTER ABOUT REMOVAL. Once you select a furniture item to remove, the minister will give you a furniture slip in exchange for a few gold. This slip can be stored, sold, traded, or discarded as desired. If you wish to restore an item on a furniture slip back to your caravan you can GIVE it to any trade minister.


If you wish to change your exterior look customization or your bumper plate then you must first purchase a blank canvas or image respectively from Primp My Ride to clear your current one before purchasing the new one.

There has yet to be a method to reset the interior.

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