Beseech the Wind to Refresh

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Ranger thumb.jpgRanger Guild
Beseech the Wind to Refresh
Requirements: 60th Circle, Quest
Slot Cost: 0
Difficulty: Unknown
Type / Skill: beseech / -
Use Cost: 31 Spirit Alignment (min)
Description: Invoking this beseech will boost your vitality if it is lacking.
Effect: +Vitality regeneration, , 
Messaging: If you try to use this ability when it is not needed you will see the following message:

You do not require the aid of the winds at this time!

> align 31
You lower your head, close your eyes and begin breathing slowly as you channel a very small amount of your existing spirit health into reserve to be used as needed by nature itself.
> beseech wind to refresh

You feel your spirit weaken.
You extend your hands out and begin to chant, calling on the winds of Elanthia.

 "Winds of Elanthia, bestow your grace!"
"Wrap me in your cool embrace!"
"Refresh my body, revive my mind!"
"To live to fight another time!"

A gentle breeze begins to pick up!
Leaves and dust begin to stir around you as the wind picks up.
A funnel begins to form around you, pulling in cool air as it builds in intensity!
Having reached full strength, a whirlwind encases you!

You sense a loss of your inner-self and feel yourself go into shock as you fall!
Roundtime: 20 sec.

Having done its work, the wind subsides and calm returns. Somehow you feel healthier.

The conversion ratio of spirit to vitality is inefficient, so use caution when using.


See Beseech the Wind to Refresh Quest.