Ease Burden

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Ease Burden Scroll-only Spell
Abbreviation: EASE
Prerequisites: -
Signature: No
Spell Slots: 1
Mana Type: Analogous Patterns
Spell Type: standard / augmentation
Difficulty: intro
Prep (min/max): 1 / 100
Skill Range (min/max): 0 / 400
Valid Spell Target: Self, PC
Duration (min/max): 10 minutes / 40 minutes
Justice: no
Corruption: no
Description: The Ease Burden spell does precisely what the name implies. Through the careful weaving of kinetic force, providing support particularly along the subject's shoulders and lower back, the caster is able to ease the burden of carrying heavy objects on the recipient of the spell.
Effect: reduces encumbrance
Example Messaging: You gesture.

Pale yellow sparks flicker around your torso. Your possessions suddenly feel lighter and easier to carry.

Devices/Tattoos: Carved featherstone resembling a leaping dolphin, Carved featherstone resembling a leviathan in flight, Carved featherstone resembling a soaring albatross, Featherstone, Gracefully leaping kitten featherstone carved of purple-flecked glitvire, Large featherstone, Small featherstone