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Stamina is a character's ability to perform strenuous activities (such as fighting) over a long period of time.


  • Increases Vitality pool and speed of vitality recovery


Guild Specific:

Other Uses:

Spells and Abilities that Boost Stamina

Spells and abilities that debuff Stamina

Training Locations


Stamina training.jpg
in front of the Crossing Barbarian Guild, go structure
(can use DIR stamina)

[Barbarian Guild, Stamina Training Room]
A circular cage set vertically awaits you. The axis runs across the room and is attached to a set of gears and lead weights. The entire apparatus seems designed to wear a person out. A Gor'Tog steps out of the wheel with a heavy sheen of sweat on his massive body. He glances at you and snorts "What makes YOU think you can handle this sort of workout?" You grit your teeth as you realize the test of endurance you will soon undergo.

After a short lecture, you spend what seems a small eternity inside the treadmill cage working on your stamina until the instructor is pleased with you.


Barbarian Guild, Training Yard
(can use DIR stamina)

[Barbarian Guild, Training Yard]
Wooden weapons of all kinds lie stacked about, no doubt the tools of training the next great warrior. In the center of the yard, a senior guild member instructs a confused student on the finer art of pole arm fighting. A simple split-rail fence defines this area and provides a perch for two young children who giggle and watch as they dream of the day they will train here. A large, pedaled sharpening stone and a target dummy catch your eye. You also see a small path, a round iron grate, a simple wooden shack just beyond the fence.

A trainer steps you over to the pedaled sharpening stone. Initially thinking this is going to be easy, the trainer tightens the clamp on the axle making the stone harder to turn, and you soon realize this will be hard work. Several more turns to tighten it and your legs begin to burn. Your lungs cannot gather enough air, no matter how hard or fast you breathe. Each time you begin to slow your pace the trainer barks at you to speed it up! Just when you feel you are about to pass out, the trainer stops you and pats you on the back.


Warrior Mage Guild, Testing Chamber

[Warrior Mage Guild, Testing Chamber]
This long hallway within the courtyard walls is filled with people working on various ways to increase their stamina for combat. A ladder at the far end of the hall leads up to one of the defensive towers.

You approach a woman in the hallway, and ask her for some help. She looks at you appraisingly and then grabs two buckets of water and orders you to hold them away from your body at shoulder height. At first the task is easy, but you soon feel your muscles burning. You grit your teeth and force your arms not to shake, but you have the feeling that everyone else in the hallway is laughing at you. After a time, the woman takes pity on you and allows you to lower the buckets.

Aesry Surlaenis'a

Shh'yris's Forge, Bellows Room, n

[Shh'yris's Forge, Bellows Room]
Great piles of coal fill the corner of the room. The forge fire burns with white-hot flames, fueled by the coal and the efforts of Shh'yris's apprentices who labor at the bellows. Sweat pours from their bodies, only to sizzle as it strikes the hot stone floor.


Empath's Guild, Examining Room

[Empath's Guild, Examining Room]
This room is one of the many set aside for triage and severe trauma arrivals. In a corner, a Paladin is gallantly trying not to cry as she keeps her arm attached to her shoulder with the help of a comrade's steady hand, and the soft crying of a father holding the battered body of his moaning son plays grim music in the background. Healers rush about anxiously, sorting out the critical from the mortally wounded, and hastily pulling sheets over those who only Urrem'tier's hand could cure.

You train with the healers as they prod you with needles, force you to ingest strange substances, and carry wounded patients from beds to operating tables and back. It's tiring, but good for the soul.


Yamka Wan Bakery, through a door

[Yamka Wan Bakery, Lapnaka Udak]
Heat radiates from a huge oven that dominates one wall of this expansive kitchen. Pots, pans, and a variety of cooking utensils hang from hooks above the broad counters. Off to one side is a long bench next to a picnic table piled high with piping hot pies. You also see a painted sign accented with flowers.
A painted sign reads:
Eat Heartier, Get Hardier!

A matronly Gor'Tog in a flowered frock walks up and says, "Okay, remember, you need to pace yourself and take sips of water to help you swallow. When I give the signal, start chomping!" She points to the pies in front of you and shouts, "Eat!" The pie-eating contest begins and you start shoveling in chunks of cherry, rhubarb, and apple pies, while people on either side of you on the bench do the same. Finally, when you think you couldn't possibly eat another bite, she shouts, "Time!" You slump forward, groaning over your stuffed belly, hearing similar sounds from those beside you. You have no idea whether or not you won, and you don't really care. If you survived this though, you feel like you'd be able to survive anything.


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