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The Evasion skill is one of the three primary defensive skills. It is the measure of how well you can avoid attacks by dodging, and its primary stat is Reflex. Evasion is one of the most important combat skills. Your ability to evade attacks can be hurt by high hindrance and encumbrance.

Spells and abilities that boost Evasion

Spells and abilities that decrease Evasion


When you are attacked in combat your evasion will be checked simultaneous to your Shield Usage skill and Parry Ability skill, and then followed by armor.


Unlike the other two defenses, Evasion is not an all or nothing defense. This means that even a failure to dodge will result in a portion of the attack being reduced, thus making it easier to resist with other forms of defense.

Also unlike the others, Evasion is almost always checked by most forms of attack. Parry is restricted to most forms of weapons, often being ignored by missiles and spells, and shield is bypassed by DFA spells.


Evasion is the defense most affected by high burden or encumbering armor, as well as being most affected by multiple opponents.


The degree to which Evasion is used is controlled via the STANCE command.


Experience is now awarded to all skills you are stanced to use, regardless of whether or not that skill is actually contested. It may still be in your better interest to swap stances around a little, but the need to stance down dramatically (especially in evasion) should not be as common or necessary.

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