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Sanctuary Cyclic spell
Abbreviation: SANCTUARY
Prerequisites: Circle 30, Eye of Kertigen or Blessing of the Fae
Signature: Yes
Spell Slots: 2
Mana Type: Elemental Magic
Spell Type: cyclic / utility, area of effect
Difficulty: advanced
Prep (min/max): 5 / 25
Skill Range (min/max): 250 / 1000
Valid Spell Target: Area
Duration (min/max): Indefinite
Pulse Timing: 21 seconds
Justice: This spell is legal to cast in Justice Zones.
Corruption: This spell does not cause Divine Outrage or some other form of Sorcerous Corruption.
Description: The notes of Sanctuary allow you to disrupt the flow of clairvoyance and sound for as far as your voice may reach, creating an area through which one will find it very difficult, or impossible, to locate those inside of it through magical means. Even creatures, confused by their inability to orient themselves, will be hindered in their attempts to casually wander into the area.

This enchante once received wide use by Bards who sought to hide their locations, or those who protected dignitaries and scholars from harm, but was lost three decades ago when the last True Bard that knew it fell to the onslaught of Tenebraus. It is only through the fortunes of fate that his journal was recovered and notes recently deciphered enough that we may make use of this enchante once again.

Effect: Prevents clairvoyance, creatures spawning and entering, hiding, and invisibility.
Example Messaging: You weave a soft melody as you begin "Sanctuary", the notes so light and airy they can barely be heard.

You draw out each note of your enchante with a gentle dexterity, coaxing full-bodied tones from each note to further embellish the dark harmonies already plentiful throughout it. The music takes hold, manifesting as a dome of faintly shimmering light.

Devices/Tattoos: No devices or tattoos documented.


  • Places a barrier in your location that prevents creatures from entering or spawning, prevents various forms of clairvoyance or locating such as Locate, DG, SHM, familiars, HUNT and perceiving through a Seer's Sense link, and prevents hiding or invisibility.
  • The level of protection is indicated by the strength of the dome formed:
Dome strength Effect (each tier's effect is cumulative with all previous tiers) # of Pulses to effect Mana required to achieve effect at a given spell Integrity:
70% 100% 130%
dome of faintly shimmering light Blocks creature spawn and entry. 1 5 5 5
large dome of shimmering light Blocks clairvoyance, location, Seer's Sense perception, familiars, and HUNT. 4 14 11 10
large dome of bright light Blocks invisibility and stealth. 7 ?? ?? 13
  • Higher tiers require multiple pulses in the same room before the full effects are achieved.
  • Gaining the tiered effect at a given mana level is modified by your spell stance's Integrity level. See SPELL STANCE for details on adjusting this.
  • Cannot be cast in extremely deep water.
  • There are some limitations to these effects.
  • Some creatures, particularly those with old, unique spawning mechanics, can bypass the spawning/entry ward. E.g. warklins near Stone Clan.
  • Invasion creatures can still spawn in a warded location if a GM places them manually.