Empower Moonblade

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Mm thumb.jpgMoon Mage Guild
Empower Moonblade
Abbreviation: EMMO
Prerequisites: Moonblade
Slot Cost: 2
Mana Type: Lunar magic
Spell Type: metamagic / -
Description: Empower Moonblade infuses the moonblade with psychic magic, allowing it to contain the "memory" of spells cast in it. Used correctly, it allows a magician to nigh-instantly cast a previously prepared spell.
Effect: Store fully prepared spells in moonblade
Example Messaging: The matrix's lines merge at the center of the moonblade's mass, forming a node of psychic energy which could bear the impression of another spell.

The moonblade is empty.


STUDY moonblade/moonstaff for all possible syntax

Empower Moonblade is a two-slot Psychic Projection metaspell that allows the Moon Mage to store preparation time for a spell. You must first ALIGN to the moonblade and then cast as normal. That will fit the spell into one of the moonblade's nodes. As long as that node is active, the next time you prepare that spell you will instantly be given full prep, at the cost of permanently burning out the node (until the next moonblade, anyway).

Note that this is a change in functionality from the moonblade's old function. It does not save the Attunement cost or cast the spell for you at a pre-set target, but instead sets you to instant prep. You can target it freely, and you must come up with all relevant Attunement / skill / room checks / etc.

Like the previous iteration of this feature, there can be up to three nodes in a moonblade, selectable by the SHAPE command. The amount of nodes in the moonblade is based on the spell's Integrity, but is guranteed to be at least one if you know the metaspell.

Unlike the previous iteration of this feature, non-TM offensive spells can fit in the moonblade. I reserve the right to change this if it proves too insane.

Stored spells persist through shaped weapon templates.
Stored spells persist through moonblade refresh.
Burnt out spell nodes persist through moonblade refresh/reshape. New spell nodes can only be created by casting a new moonblade.


IF you SHAPE MOONBLADE TO CAMBRINTH, the moonblade will become a cambrinth weapon, with capacity based on the amount of mana invested in the initial moonblade spell.

Minimum prep results in a 25 mana cambrinth moonblade. Cambrinth capacity scales with mana used in the EMMO cast. Maximum prep results in a 100 mana cambrinth moonblade.

Moonblades shaped to cambrinth appear as:

Katamba cambrinth moonblade: dull black moonblade that crackles with ashen red energy

Yavash cambrinth moonblade: fiery red-hot moonblade veined with dusky shadows

Xibar cambrinth moonblade: cold blue-white moonblade veined with dusky shadows