DragonRealms Updates (2020)

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Changes to the game during the 2020 calendar year.



10 new Extreme Shop items in The Fallen.
  • Changes to locksmithing experience, discouraging the use of "pet boxes" that grossly outclass your skill level.[17]


  • INV SEARCH now has a "click-to-get" option in supported front-ends. That is, INV SEARCH RING will help find and get all of those rings you're carrying. Try it with different items, and if you run into trouble or aren't finding something, make sure you've OPENed your bags first.
  • INV SLOTS will now show a count of items at your feet.
  • INV ATFEET will show what's lying at your feet without needing to LOOK at yourself.
  • The spell will now pulse more slowly, but there's no longer a limit to how much attunement a pulse can transfer. It should feel much more impactful overall.
  • The spell now requires shock-free empathy.
  • Junkyard mechanics were updated to include a few more verbs to help those of you who end up visiting it. APPRAISE, BREAK, COUNT, LOWER and UNTIE should now be usable.
  • Update to the FLAGS verb to toggle (yours and others') custom login/logout messages.[26]


  • Elder Adan'f blademasters and sorcerers are now skinnable.[31]
  • The Whistling Wood is now boreal.[32]
  • Fang Cove's rotating shops are also reset to rotate on Tuesdays (although this will drift over time).



  • Facial Hair RTs have been lowered considerably and there are now STUDY mechanics to explain verbs, tools, and more.
  • PUT command update with a new warning message when you try to put an item in/on/under/behind a container in the room that also matches to something you're wearing.[46]


  1. Reduces the attunement cost of spellcasting but stops attunement regeneration.
  2. Increases the integrity of outgoing offensive spells for barrier piercing purposes, beyond the normal cap, potentially allowing you to pierce any integrity barrier.
  1. Heighten Pain gains practically infinite duration but becomes limited to one target at a time. If a creature dies with it, the curse will jump to another creature in the room. (Relatedly, ASSESS will now show HP victims as "pained" for everyone, regardless of the metaspell.)
  2. Siphon Vitality's vitality healing effect is replaced by a vitality shield that is more efficient per point of damage.
  3. Blood Burst loses its bleeder requirement / vitality cost.
  1. Shrapnel boxes have been updated to remove their PvP and mech abuse aspects. When such a box detonates, it will only harm the person who blew it; it will no longer lodge shards in others nearby. Additionally, the wounds were changed from external wounds to internal.
  2. Anatomy charts and textbooks have been added as valid APPRAISE FOCUS targets for First Aid.
  3. Tembeg's Armory in Crossing has three new metal masks (chain, scale, and plate).[54]
This means that combat pets like Guardian Spirit and Awaken Forest will not interfere with other players' hunting.[57]
  1. You will now receive a message about why you're being arrested.
  2. You can now be arrested for being too close to your inventory limit.[59]
  1. ATMOS verb has new options.
  2. Group window is more reliable [but in Test only for a few days]!


  1. A new weapon shop, Art of Attack, added into the rotation in Fang Cove.
  2. The number of rotating shops in Fang Cove has increased. Now three shops will be open at a time (up from two).






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