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The BREAK command is used in two separate game systems, Alchemy and Empath Healing, as well as some miscellaneous uses.

Alchemy Syntax

  • BREAK <item> [PIECE]

In order to Break an item, the substance must have more than one part, be in a physical state conducive to splitting, and held in one hand with the other hand empty.

Specifying PIECE will break off only one part of the item. Otherwise it will be broken into two approximately equal pieces.

This sense of the Break command is used in alchemy and other pursuits where exact part sizes of solid items is necessary.

Empathic Healing Syntax

  • BREAK <player>

This use of the command is employed by Empaths to stop a wound transfer in progress.

Misc. Uses

Wooden boxes can be broken to produce wood that can be used to fix city gates.

Stacks of ammunition (two or more.) can be broken to seperate one arrow/bolt from the stack at a time. Useful for selling small quantities of a large stack.