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Tuesday Tidings - 23 · on 07/28/2020 17:43 1763
Happy Tuesday, folks!

This week I've got a couple of verb/mechanics updates for you...sort of!

First up is the easy one -- the ATMOSPHERE verb has been updated with 3 new options to make it easier to manage your EZAtmo items. Regen items typically fall into this category, and other fluff messaging ones, too!

  • LIST -- will scan your full inventory (including inside closed containers) so you-the-player knows which of your items have atmo features and what their current status is.
  • ON -- will only check your held + worn items to toggle their messaging/regen on.
  • OFF -- will only check your held + worn items to toggle their messaging/regen off.

The goals here are to better inform players of the stuff they have and to make it easier to shush them during big events. It's not perfect -- not all messaging items were built in the EZAtmo system -- but it helps!

Thanks to Grejuva for QC'ing this! It's live everywhere!

The next one is a little more complicated! The group window (and grouping) mechanics have been overhauled is the basic idea, though. Story time!

More than a year ago, players raised the issue of the group window not being accurate. Sometimes people could leave (or join) the group, but the window wouldn't update to reflect it. Likewise, things like ASSESS GROUP didn't force the window to update, either. I took a stab at fixing it, but there were some lingering issues, and I didn't want to release it, even though it was an improvement from the current situation.

Fast forward a year, I took another stab and did some behind-the-scenes voodoo that should make grouping mechanics much more reliable. Most of this won't be visible, BUT...the group window, GROUP LIST, and ASSESS GROUP now all share the same format and info in their output. There's also a 30 second auto-refresh to the group window for as long as you remain in a group. Using ASSESS GROUP and GROUP LIST will update the window.

Some QoL tweaks happened as part of this, too. When you try to join someone who is already following another player, you'll automatically be redirected to trying to join their leader. You also can't steal group members/leaders with the GROUP verb anymore.

This is a fair bit bigger than a normal strike project, but it fit our theme of QoL updates and was ready for release(*), so here we are! Huge, tremendous thanks to Grejuva for QC'ing these updates, too! Not just once, even, but twice as they evolved over the past year!

(*) - Because we sometimes have issues when releasing window-related updates from our Genie and other non-StormFront players, I'm pushing this to the DR:Test instance for a couple of days for monitoring and testing. I'd appreciate it if you could grab a few friends (using different clients if possible) and try it out -- JOIN, GROUP, HOLD, LEAVE, ASSESS GROUP, DISBAND are all good things to try! If nothing blows up and the non-StormFront clients are working properly, I'll push it live ASAP.

Whew! I worded a lot of words with some other words there! Have no fears, though, because we'll be back with MORE new things next week! I think shoppers will have something to look forward to!

(for the team!)

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