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The translucent gemstone is most notable for its ghostly blue glow. The shape of the glowing light within can be manipulated by the alchemist-artisan prior to preservation, although this is limited to simple patterns, such as spirals or fans, not complex imagery. Due to its nature, asarenjan is not suitable for faceting and is typically presented as a cabochon or other rounded shape. It can also be made into simple, stylized shapes, though not with intricate detailing.

Origin: Mariners who sail through shallow seas are familiar with the phenomenon of mareel or sea sparkle, a ghostly blue glow that sometimes appears on the surface of the water as it is disturbed. Scholars of the Merelew faction of the Trickling Sun discovered that this blue glow is created by marine plankton, which exhibit bioluminescence when disturbed. Early attempts to harness the glowing blue water were unsuccessful, as the organisms stop glowing when they die.

Fortunately, determined alchemists of the Inverted Crucible discovered a process that allows them to preserve the glow within a glassy resin. Further, they discovered that they could create patterns within the glowing light by controlling how they manipulated the plankton just before preserving them.

Usage Guidelines: The proper spelling/capitalization is asarenjan (lowercase). When describing quantities of asarenjan, amber is a good analogy. (It would be "three pieces of asarenjan," not "three asarenjans.")

Additionally, the stone's glow is most evident in darkness and it is not bright enough to light up a room. If the tap references any light giving properties (glowing, luminous, bioluminescent, etc.), asarenjan must be explicitly named in the tap so as to identify the source of the glow (and distinguish it from magical items). Words like "bioluminescent" or "bioluminescence" are acceptable descriptions of the glow, as the glow is biochemical in nature.

Required to be provided for alterations.


ItemSource isRare item
Kiralan war shield glimmering with motes of asarenjanHollow Eve Festival 436/Auctiontrue
Shattered asarenjan pieces wrapped in soot-blackened clothMisenseor Goods (6)true
Short steel halberd embellished with a luminous blue asarenjan sphereSputkin's Splendors (4)true

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