DragonRealms Updates (2015)

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Changes to the game during the 2015 calendar year.


  • Queen's Package Weddings can now have raffles added as games.
  • Minor Empath PERCEIVE CRITTER rewrite.[1]
  • Release of the Empath Absolution spell.
  • Enhancements to the PURR and PUNISH commands, and addition of the HUSH command.



  • At your feet inventory slot released.
  • Non-armor head inventory slot released.
  • Changes to Halo and Curse of Zachriedek.[2]
  • Free to play accounts released.
  • Offline drain changed to 6 hours for full effect for standard, and 8 hours for full effect for those who have received a warning in the last 180 days.
  • Sunfall Hub released.
  • Additional racial titles released.
  • Illusory Spell Preparations feat merged with Alternate Spell Preparations feat. The Advanced Arcane Recognition, Advanced Elemental Recognition, Advanced Holy Recognition, Advanced Life Recognition, and Advanced Lunar Recognition feats have been merged into Advanced Spell Knowledge feat.
  • Accuser and necromancer must be in the same justice zone for a successful necromancy accuse.
  • Enhanced fines for recent criminal activity now has built in decay.
  • Free to play accounts may now receive a temporary visa to visit other provinces when questing for special abilities. Not all guilds have all quests enabled.



  • Justice enabled in crafting societies within city limits.
  • Busking announced.
  • Necromancers with low or no Social Outrage no longer receive Social Outrage for minor crimes.
  • Buying limitations for new characters removed from many shops.
  • Active Spells window added to StormFront.


  • Spell library now has cost and limits to forgetting spells.
  • Release of Rite of Grace spell.
  • Release of bow making and lumberjacking.
  • Rathan Engineering, Alchemy, and Outfitting societies open.
  • Muspar'i gains Forging, Engineering, Alchemy, and Outfitting societies.




  • Shield slamming with arm-worn shields is now possible.
  • Runestone material is decoupled from spell cast. Many runestone materials available for alterations.
  • Two major posts on Rakash customs and clothing (1, 2)
  • Thieves can now choose which TURN LOCKPICK emote they use.
  • Adjustment to Barbarian ability slot costs.[4]
  • Clarification of Rakash holy symbols and colors.
  • Further runestone material information released.[5]
  • New fabrics and materials released for Hollow Eve.
  • Item Registration offices added to all vault locations.
  • Runestone labeling added.



  • Rules for feature alterations released.[6]
  • Night access to Shard shops for citizens added.
  • Liturgy preview ended.
  • Consume Flesh may now be cast multiple times on the same corpse, dependent on the casters Thanatology skill.
  • Pierless Inn now serves additional food and drink.



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