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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: 2,000
Established: Early 1st Century AV
Alternate Names: Lang
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: Ranger
Government: Mayor
Guild Halls: Ranger
Patron Deity: None



Langenfirth is a rustic town nestled in the mostly pine and fir tree Danduwen Forest on the shores of Lake Gwenalion. Its residents are mostly Rangers, traders, trappers, and fishermen. Description: On the shore of Lake Gwenalion, Langenfirth is a haven for fishermen and Rangers alike. Travelers come from far and wide to sample the local cuisine while being within hiking distance of nature untouched by the progress of man.

Government, history, and background

Government type

Governed by a Mayor in the "town hall" cabin. The Ranger Guild also wields significant power.

Prominent people


Locations about town

List of Langenfirth Triage Locations


Telgar Inn
City Hall
Waldroth's Landing

Unique shops and services

Ditsworth's Floating Casino (Theren's Star)
Ditsworth's Floating Casino (Northern Pride)


Current List of Langenfirth Shops

Bars, inns, and taverns

Telgar Inn

Prominent hangouts

The "bin" on Blufe Path at the deer trail into the Gwenalion Fens. The bin was formerly outside of the leather goods shop.

Important activities


From the Northern side of the bridge on the north side of town, going towards El Bain's you go northwest and north and you will find a Path. You go down the Path then go North several times until you come to a small altar set up at the spot where the path terminates. This is the altar for Kuniyo. Gentler than Everild, Kuniyo still retains a deep wildness within him, and does not like to wander far from the sound of battle. However, he also enjoys the wilderness, and is therefore a favorite of rangers; especially the rangers who use their sword on a frequent basis. Kuniyo is served by several noble youths and maidens who he may send out to help train a promising young warrior. Kuniyo is stubborn and vicious in battle. Place a pelt or hide on the altar and pray and you will get an orb From Kuniyo. After filling the orb return it to this same place to receive Favor from Kuniyo.

Task givers




Most Current List of Creatures Near Langenfirth


Village of Langenfirth (Map 40)
Gwenalion Fens with swamp trolls, peccary, fendryads, and elsrael (Map 40a)
Langenfirth homes and swimming brook (Map 40b)
The road from Lang to El'Bain's to Therenborough
Kythryn's Langenfirth Map



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