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Vitality / "life force," the supernatural measure of how alive you are. It's the same thing that lets living shadows or fire elementals or a god be "alive" yet without biology as we know it.
-GM Armifer[1]

Vitality represents the health of your character's body. It is a verbal representation of your hit points and is primarily influenced by the Stamina stat. Each attack that damages you reduces the number of hit points you have by a certain percentage.


Abilities that affect vitality

Boost max vitality


Heal vitality

Boost vitality regeneration

Debuff max vitality


Damage vitality

Decrease vitality regeneration


Vitality Levels

Percentage Combat Message HEALTH Message
>100% invigorated incredibly full of strength
100% none full strength
99%-90% bruised slightly battered
89%-80% hurt somewhat battered
79%-70% battered battered
69%-60% beat up beat up
59%-50% very beat up very beat up
49%-40% badly hurt extremely beat up
39%-30% very badly hurt bad shape
29%-20% smashed up very bad shape
19%-10% terribly wounded extremely bad shape
9%-1% near death death's door
<1% in death's grasp dead


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