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Tuesday Tidings 18 · on 06/23/2020 20:10 1752
Happy Tuesday, Adventurers!

This week we have a couple of updates to share!

First -- beards (and mustaches if that's your thing!) are a little more friendly. The RTs have been lowered considerably and there are now STUDY mechanics to explain verbs, tools and more. This was a project I originally did more than a year ago, based on a player suggestion in one of the crowdsource docs, but lost track of it with other projects going on. While it's not a particularly flashy update, having the code behind it updated to more modern standards may let us more easily revisit in the future for new things! Thanks to a QC by Kodius, this is ready to play with!

Second -- the PUT verb was updated with a new warning message when you try to put an item in/on/under/behind a container in the room that also matches to something you're wearing. A good example of this would be HE where tickets are often awarded in pouches. It's common for some to just drop their pouch, and when others try to move tickets to their own pouches, they can inadvertently place them in a pouch on the ground without realizing it. The hope of this update is to help minimize those instances.

>You also see a wooden table with a sturdy backpack on it, ...
>get statue
>You get an ordinary statue from inside your sturdy backpack.
>put statue in back
>You reach towards a sturdy backpack, but pause to consider.
>[CAUTION! You are trying to put your ordinary statue in a sturdy backpack that's on a wooden table (not on your character)! If you are trying to put it in YOUR backpack, you should type PUT STATUE IN MY BACKPACK. Repeat the command if you are sure you want to place the statue off your character.]

We tried to keep this as unobtrusive as possible -- there's no RT associated with the warning, and it should only appear if the container you specified also matches to something in the room. I don't know who to credit for the original work on this -- it's been an undocumented, GM-only "experimental" thing since at least 2005, which is the oldest personal copy I have of the verb. All I did is clean up the messaging! Thanks to a QC from Grejuva for this one!

Next week, we're revisiting storage, and after's a surprise! Tune in next Tuesday for more!

Zadraes (for the team!)

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