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Fatigue affects how often your character can perform a strenuous action.


A character's fatigue pool size is determined by primarily by Stamina and to a much lesser degree by Discipline[1]
Fatigue recovery (per pulse) is determine primarily by Stamina and secondarily by Discipline
Fatigue cost is determined primarily by Stamina and secondarily by Strength[2][3][4]


Abilities that affect fatigue

Boost max fatigue

Heal fatigue

Boost fatigue regeneration


Debuff max fatigue


Damage fatigue

Decrease fatigue regeneration


Fatigue Levels

Percentage Combat Message HEALTH Message
>100% energetic strangely full of extra energy
100% none none
99%-90% none slightly fatigued
89%-80% winded somewhat tired
79%-70% tired tired
69%-60% tired fatigued
59%-50% fatigued very tired
49%-40% fatigued very fatigued
39%-30% worn-out extremely tired
29%-20% beat extremely fatigued
19%-10% exhausted on the verge of complete exhaustion
9%-1% exhausted completely exhausted
<1% exhausted exhausted beyond reason


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