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Spring 2020 Promotions · on 04/06/2020 13:11 14717
Hello friends!

As you may have noticed, we are currently running a reactivation promo. will give an account premium access for 90 days if it meets the eligibility requirement. Feel free to share this with your friends! Along with this, we've set up some no-additional-cost events for you all.

For the next several weeks, we will be running some special in-game events to go along with this promotion. Right now, these are scheduled to run through May 23, 2020:

  • Sunday: Bonus to maps - You will see an increased amount of treasure maps dropping from monsters.
  • Monday: Bonus to REXP - Increased rates for Rested Experience.
  • Tuesday: Bonus to REXP - Increased rates for Rested Experience.
  • Wednesday: Bonus to REXP - Increased rates for Rested Experience.
  • Thursday: Bonus to coins - Monsters will drop more cash.
  • Friday: Bonus to scrolls - You will see an increased amount of spell scrolls dropping from monsters.
  • Saturday: Bonus to gems - The gems that monsters drop will be worth more.

In addition to these events, we have pushed the revamp of our Quest system up to the top of the pile. This is ready to go and we'll be opening the new quest nexus up for players tonight!

will spawn a quest orb for you for FREE, and you can do it once per RL hour. This will be Premium only until 4/9 -- will auto open to all subs at midnight Wednesday night / Thursday morning. F2P cannot access the system at this time, but we'll be adding the orbs to the SimuCoin store on the website in the future for everyone after the promo preview ends.

This week, we're reopening Akigwe's Legacy. Each week, we hope to add another quest to the nexus for you. The incidental and end prizes have been removed from these events - it's meant to just offer you an experience to share with your friends - and I've put a couple of promotional items in the treasure room instead. Once this promo period ends, these items will be removed and we'll finish the last part of the quest revamp, which is to refresh the treasure available.

Finally, I'm periodically running chats on Zoom. There's no schedule for them, it's usually spur of the moment when I have some free time to sit and chat with people. With so many of us "stuck" in the house for an extended period, it's nice to see faces and laugh together! Watch Twitter and/or the player-owned Discord server for links to these chat sessions.

Stay safe, friends! Wash your hands! ~ L

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