DragonRealms Updates (2014)

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Changes to the game during the 2014 calendar year.







  • Invocation of the Spheres Quest released.
  • New Sorcerous Backlash system released.
  • Dangerous research projects now use the new Sorcerous Backlash system.
  • Addition of Summon Domain for Warrior Mages.[2]
  • Target stealth difficulties adjusted to match those of loading a weapon while hidden.
  • Eyes of the Blind now factors its potency into the stealth bonus.
  • Vivisection changed to use the same calculations as Snipe and no longer automatically breaks invisibility.
  • SCRAPE can now be used instead of RUB to repair forged items. This was implemented because RUB interacts strangely when trying to repair an item that matches a person's name.



  • Throwing non-weapon items will no longer have any chance of lodging them, regardless of the method.
  • Attacks against a target you've GRAPPLEd always behave as if the user can see the target, irrespective of hiding or invisibility.


  • GM Socharis passes away.
  • Release of the fumble/recovery mechanics to Prime[3]


  • Reduced armor hindrance for brigandine and plate armors when used by armor secondary and tertiary characters. In addition, reduction to armor mixing penalties.[4]
  • Justice added to Throne City.
  • HIGHFIVE command added.
  • MEOW command significantly updated.
  • SALUTE command is given more options.
  • Trader caravans will now give out bundling rope and gem pouches if their owner is in the area.
  • Multiple atmospheric items adjusted to output to the Stormfront Atmosphere window.
  • Branches now can be foraged by anyone, regardless of skill, assuming they are present.
  • The Fallen Necromancers will now drain SO/DO during the first 6 (rather than 2.5) hours.


  • Update to live food, including the ability to take them with you and enhanced messaging.
  • Beta update to the Avalon client.
  • Addition of the APPRAISE FOCUS feature, a research-like function for appraisal.


  • Multiple planetary gem items will only message once per period change.
  • S'Kra wearing earrings will now receive a special message. Removing them does not currently match.
  • Loaded slings can now be worn.
  • Shield and bundle TOGGLEs now correctly function.


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