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Province: Qi'Reshalia
Currency: Lirum
Population: Unknown
Established: 805 BL
Alternate Names: Kresh
Dominant Race: Human
Dominant Guild: None
Government: None
Guild Halls: Barbarian, Paladin, Cleric, Warrior Mage
Patron Deity: None



Mer'Kresh is a floating city built on platforms in the Torbis Sanhalas bay anchored near the bay of Belarritaco. It also serves as the capital city of Rissan territory. Description: The island of M'Riss, originally settled by refugees fleeing the Human-Elven wars, was regarded as cursed by the S'Kra of Qi Reshalia and hence was uninhabited. Over the years, the settlers constructed one of the Wonders of the Islands, its capital city Mer'Kresh, rising from the shallow waters of Belarritaco Bay. Famous for its Carillon and gardens, Mer'Kresh is a colorful and lively Elven-Human city. A casual visitor might never guess that its original S'Kra name was "Isle of the Damned."

Government, history, and background

  • 805 BL Construction begins on Mer'Kresh in M'Riss's Torbis Sanhalas Bay
  • 162 BL The Empire attempts to conquer Mer'Kresh, but is defeated

Most of which is known can be found in the book The History of Mer'Kresh.

Government type

Prominent people


The Carillon, which is the garden in the center of the town houses a bell tower. It should be noted that the festive meeting portal is located just inside the Carillon and it is also in the Carillon that one is reborn after departing.

Caress-of-the-Moons Manor is a mansion in the southern part of town owned by a wealthy Moon Mage known only as "The Magus." He seems to be a Human man that is fond of hunting, and leaves his mansion open for all Moon Mages (and others sneaky enough to find a way past the mastiff) to enjoy. It is here that the Grazhir shard named Besoge is located.

Unique shops and services

We have a MAMA'S, a furrier, a pawn shop and a forge as well as a hospital which is run by Yolesi. We also have the typical Bank, Town Hall and Courthouse services along with two local libraries, one of which is located in the Barbarian guild. There is also an Estate Holder's Club office and a Carousel for all your vaulting needs.

Guild wise you can find the Barbarian's guild which is run by Tusfaov, a Warrior Mage guild which is run by Margathe, a Paladin guild run by Avant and finally a Cleric guild run by Eydtha.


There is a bakery, an origami shop, a barber shop, a pet shop and an herb shop. Notably the herb shop does sell some unique items generally not found in an herb shop such as 50 stone juggling items.

For those who have found themselves taken to the penal colony against their wishes the best place to look for getting your items back would be the Barber's Shop. You'll have to ask around.

Bars, inns, and taverns

Prominent hangouts

The Furrier and the room just east of the Furrier are the general triage areas since there is a great blend of holy and life mana. A number of folks also tend to gather just outside the north barricade.


You can purchase tarts from the bakery in town and offer them to the altar in the Cleric's guild. The religious aspect associated with this altar is Saemaus.


Asaren Celpeze roam just beyond the north and south barricades on the island. The southern barricade contains a few "wilderness" rooms and the celpeze tend to roam in packs. The poison tail attacks are still working in the south barricade and the spawn rate is generally much slower.

The northern barricade is generally a much faster spawning area and the poison attacks do not currently work.


Map 107



There are two docks around town. The larger dock known as Wharf's End is where personal boats dock as well as The Jolas which ferries people between Hara'jaal and Mer'Kresh. The Galley Dock which is located in the northern part of town runs two smaller ferries, The Cercorim and The Sanegazat which shuttle folks between Mer'Kresh and M'riss.

S'Kra Mur Visions:

A shadow flickers across your path.

Something grabs you, binding your arms to your side! Then as suddenly, there is a sensation of your unseen captor being pulled from you. [Roundtime: 10 seconds]

A S'kra toddler clutching a rag-doll glances at you. Her mouth moves soundlessly... her tail's infantile lashing warns you of danger as her form slowly fades before your eyes.

A heavy, rasping breath vibrates against your ear.

An apparition of a S'Kra female appears, hand outstretched toward you beseechingly. Her tail's lashing betrays her terror at something beyond your senses.

You hear the click of claws on sharp stone. It pauses, then approaches you. The air stirs as something passes, unseen claws scraping close, and leaves a bitter aroma behind.

A hiss sounds behind you, "Otoh'ku'ae!"

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