DragonRealms Updates (2016)

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Changes to the game during the 2016 calendar year.


  • Tied bundles and gem pouches received a boost in appraisal teaching.
  • PREPARE SRE now gives information on rebirth power for the Spiteful Rebirth spell.
  • Gwethsmashers no longer have a penalty to smashing due to distance.
  • Barbarians can use gwethsmashers.
  • Thoughtcast's gweth function fails to function after a gwethsmash.
  • Gwethsmashing now has Charisma as primary stat.
  • Devour will work at reduced efficiency on harvest material.
  • Release of Electrostatic Eddy.
  • Knowledge of Quick Infusions will allow density changes in elemental weapons.
  • The ability of wounds to reduce stealth effectiveness has been scaled down significantly.
  • Dragon's Breath has its number of possible shots increased.
  • Phelim's Sanction now ignores undead stun resistance.
  • Osrel Meraud no longer holds Paladin spells.
  • Lightning Bolt no longer results in disturbing the peace charges.
  • Refractive Field duration lengthened.
  • Moonblades can now be worn.
  • Free to play visa for the 100th circle Moon Mage ability allowed.
  • Several updates to Necromancer Zombies:
Zombies will now nearly immediately (within a second or so) begin to advance if commanded to attack.
Zombies will now nearly immediately (within a second or so) take an attack if they pounce.
Zombies no longer get OF/DF mods based on stance.


  • Tells removed from Eyes of the Blind.
  • Update on the legality of some spells cast in a justice area.
  • Impact of nerve injuries on spellcasting increased significantly.
  • Low concentration penalty on spellcasting reduced.
  • Altar changes:
  • Anyone with holy water may now wash altars.
  • Clean altars may now be washed by clerics for devotion.
  • Prydaen altars now allow some devotional rituals.
  • Change to Rakash language weapons.[1]


  • Kertigen's commune now works with most items that have abilities already, such as foci.
  • Kertigen's commune may be used on self to allow blessed brawling.
  • Cleric perception of bless strikes no longer takes devotion.
  • Warrior Mage pattern hues cantrip now works with elemental weapons.
  • Release of Braun's Conjecture, Destiny Cipher, and changes to how distances are calculated for Moon Mage movement spells.[2]
  • Arcana ranks now reduce the RT for charging cambrinth.
  • Ruins of Ulf'Hara quest released.


  • Base Moonskin stun time has gone down a bit.
  • Rakash with 30 or more points of Stamina will see further reduction in Moonskin stun.
  • Tail worn items now fall to the at feet slot when you leave Moonskin and no longer have a tail.



  • Shop stealing system updated:
  • General increase in difficulty of items.
  • General decrease in chance to get caught as well as decrease of the repeat steal penalty.
  • General boost to experience calculation.
  • Multiple attempts teach progressively more instead of less.
  • STEAL now gives information on how well you learned, even for non-Thieves.
  • Being invisible now teaches Stealth skill
  • Who command updated with new options and clicky links for StormFront and Web Client users.
  • Manipulated creatures no longer count toward spawn limits.



DEPART typed by itself will default to the most expensive depart option that there are favors for.
Upon dying, the objects in the hands are not dropped.
  • GIVE will now warn if giving an item with registration on it.


  • Sorcerous efficacy penalties to mana usage will now apply to held mana and cambrinth.
  • Sorcerous backlash chances changed.[7]



  • ESP 2.0 changes:[8]
  • New ESP command
  • Requires a Jadeite or Kyanite gwethdesuan
  • SEND to PCs or PROJECT to a private channel
  • Albredine rings are no longer needed/function as they used to
  • Gwethsmashers are reintroduced and no longer destroy gweths, but rather temporarily disable their broadcast function.


  • EXP MODS and INFO now show the numerical value of skill and stat boosts.


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