The Parfumerie

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The Parfumerie
Province Ilithi
Justice none
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Estate Holder shops, Perfume shops
Restrictions Estate Holder
This store only accepts Dokoras

[The Parfumerie, Fine Fragrances]
Bright gaethzen lamps cast their light across the small space, highlighting the silver-gilt crown molding decorating the room's ceiling. The crisp white walls are trimmed with black wainscoting and the floor is composed of black and white tiles arranged in a checkboard pattern. A trio of marble counters are arranged in the center of the room, their surfaces covered with half-open sample jars that fill the room with an almost overpowering blend of perfumes and colognes.
You also see a glossy black door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the marble counter
Item Price Done
fiery red perfume bottle covered in gold filigree 139,359   
opalescent glass perfume bottle engraved with delicate jasmine petals 142,516   
pale lavender perfume bottle with a taffelberry-shaped stopper 137,104   
delicate perfume bottle with a peach-shaped stopper 137,555   
On the marble counter
Item Price Done
faceted glass vial tinted a mossy green hue 139,810   
small vial composed of bubbled glass 136,653   
murky green vial wrapped with strips of well-oiled leather 139,810   
opalescent black vial with a charred wood stopper 142,065   
On the marble counter
Item Price Done
muddy brown jar painted with the image of a swamp 136,202   
oceanic blue jar painted with the image of a galleon 142,065   
murky black jar with a sandalwood stopper 142,516   
cinnamon-hued jar composed of iridescent glass 136,653