DragonRealms Updates (2017)

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Changes to the game during the 2017 calendar year.


Verdant heart and Sand golem eye alteration materials are introduced.


  • Moon Mages: The Empower Moonblade spell now allows shaping moonblades to cambrinth, to become cambrinth weapons.
  • Paladins: Holy weapon updates[2]
    • It is no longer necessary to double-charge when a weapon runs completely out charges.
    • Holy icons restore (slightly) more charges than a shrine.
    • Charging at an altar takes 80% less time.
    • Changing your holy weapon no longer destroys the old holy weapon in the process.
  • Paladins: PvP and the soul[3]
    • First strike in PvP no longer gives a soul hit.
    • Killing in PvP no longer gives a soul hit (though being charged for murder does).
  • Clerics can now bless wine to use in clerical rituals.[4]


  • Parry sticks can now be forged as part of the Armorsmithing discipline.[5]
  • A new P1 flexing construct hunting area was released. This area requires weapons/armor made from new special materials to be effective.
  • Targeted Magic Foci introduced to provide bonus TM damage.
  • 12 new Necromancer books and new libraries open
  • Necromancer held island released.
  • Necromancer P4 guildhall released.
  • Vanity pet rats now level-up when they win fights or when rat serums are applied to them.


  • CHEW command released.
  • Moon Mage guild loses the 7th magic skill circling requirement
  • Empath guild loses the 4th and 5th survival skill circling requirements


  • A sufficiently powerful cast of Necrotic Reconstruction will now also remove lodged ammunition from Necromancer minions.





  • bug fixes for Crusader's Challenge:
    • fixed the Tactics buff duration.
    • fixed another bug that was stymieing the spell's potency from extra mana
    • added messaging for when the taunt timer expires and for the no-retreat effect
    • added messaging for failure due to immunity, which will no longer trigger the self-timer





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