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Cleric thumb.jpgCleric Guild
Truffenyi's commune
Requirements: 60th Circle, Quest.
Difficulty: None
Type / Skill: commune / theurgy
Description: Truffenyi's commune allows the creation and return of favor orbs without an altar.
Effect: Convert offering into a favor orb (self or others) or return favor orb (self only).
Messaging: 1st person perspective, offering (messaging is from Firulf)

You pour your faith and devotion into a plea to Truffenyi, a spruce owl bead held aloft in your hands. A faint voice murmurs in your head, ~ "You are heard, <Cleric>." ~

In spite of the ceiling, lightning strikes your upraised arms several times in rapid succession, obliterating the offering! You are unharmed, yet a glowing Firulf orb that now hovers overhead is still crackling with sky-fire. The glass orb lands unerringly on your palm, its tingle striking a blissful swath through your body.

The power of Truffenyi has answered your prayer.

1st person perspective, favor orb return (messaging is from Firulf)

You pour your faith and devotion into a plea to Truffenyi, a glowing Firulf orb held aloft in your hands. A faint voice murmurs in your head, ~ "You are heard, <Cleric>." ~

Your Firulf orb leaps from your hand and suddenly glows brightly, hovering just above you before it bursts into a flash of excruciatingly beautiful light which, instead of dissipating, streaks around the area as tendrils of light representing every color of the rainbow. Then, an instant later, the multicolored lights gather around you and mix together, forming a white mass of brightness which completely obscures your vision. Slowly, the light fades and you feel somehow changed.

The power of Truffenyi has answered your prayer.

3rd person perspective, offering (messaging is from Firulf)

<Cleric> grows still in communion. After a while, <he/she> grips your wrists and guides you to hold an <offering> aloft with both hands as an offering to the divine. As the holy intercession is being channeled by <him/her>, your soul feels unlocked and exposed before the propitious forces at work.

In spite of the ceiling, lightning strikes your upraised arms several times in rapid succession, obliterating the offering! You are unharmed, yet a glowing Firulf orb that now hovers overhead is still crackling with sky-fire. The glass orb lands unerringly on your palm, its tingle striking a blissful swath through your body. [You have gained a new affiliation title: "of Firulf".]


COMMUNE TRUFFENYI while you are holding a proper favor offering or a filled favor orb.
COMMUNE TRUFFENYI <PERSON> while they are holding a proper favor offering and kneeling.
  • Please note - this must be a bead/primer/immortal-specific OFFERING and not an orb


Using this commune, it is possible to gain the "of <Immortal>" affiliation title.


  • A minimum level of devotion is required by the cleric performing the commune.
  • The person receiving the affiliation title, and the cleric themselves must have a minimum of 15 consecutive favors from the same Immortal.
    • A cleric meeting all the requirements may gain the affiliation title without assistance.
  • There is a minimum circle requirement for the person receiving the affiliation title. Clerics must be at least 20th circle; Paladins must be at least 30th circle; members of other guilds need to be at least 40th.
  • The affiliation titles are also available to Redeemed necromancers, but they will lose the title automatically should they fall from Redemption.

There is a cooldown timer (more than a few hours). So, unfortunately, you won't be able to get a few people done in a short time period. *Note: Cooldown timer is based off of logged in time, so for faster cooldown you'll need to remain in game.

  • As of 8/21/2023, the cooldown has been clocked at about 6 hours irl.

First Person Messaging

Neutral Aspects

Deity Message
Truffenyi An incredibly vivid illusion of Elanthia itself manifests as a small globe of blue, green and white luminescence upon your palm, concealing the offering. The planet rotates unhurriedly, and the continents of Kermoria and Albaria unfold before your eyes -- as well as a third, larger one beyond the oceans. Having completed one full rotation, the image fades to the glass of a glowing Truffenyi orb.
Eluned A great wave of pellucid, silver-tinted waters emerges from the ground beside you. As it flows upward in a slow-motion depiction of rising seas, your offering is swept away into nothingness. The water splashes back upon your palms before freezing in the form of a glowing Eluned orb.
Kertigen A pile of large platinum coins rains into your palms, covering your offering and then melting The glowing Kertigen orb you are now holding does not retain even a hint of platinum hue.
Faenella A pure dryad appears before you, delicately Elvish with luminous skin and a hair of cascading foliage. Radiant in her inhuman beauty of forest colors, she takes your offering and presents you with a glowing Faenella orb in return. The dryad then vanishes into thin air with a low rustling sound that evokes wind blowing through trees.
Hodierna Like a window opening to a sunlit garden, a small rectangle of light expands in the air before you, filling the area with a multitude of invigorating floral scents. From within, a slight arm with alabaster skin reaches down to touch your offering, transforming it into a glowing Hodierna orb. The arm withdraws, and the window closes.
Damaris A black, shadowsilk-like fabric drapes over your offering. After a few moments, the diaphanous folds lift and flutter away, leaving behind a glowing Damaris orb. Its surface stirs with a phantasmagoria of frightened children before turning glassy.
Meraud Lit midnight blue, about a dozen intricate hieroglyphs appear in a constellation-like arrangement. They begin to twirl around your offering, each blurred pass metamorphosing it little by little. After thirteen flashes, you find yourself holding a glowing Meraud orb. The hieroglyphs sink evenly into the glass.
Glythtide A thick miasma gathers in your hands, echoing with a medley of exotic, marvelous melodies -- both sung and played -- from within. It gradually condenses and brightens with colored flashes of light until you are holding a glowing Glythtide orb, and the disembodied choir quietens down.
Everild Molten red-hot iron spills from above, coating and filling your palms. You are unscathed, but your offering melts away as a glowing Everild orb rises out of the iron, which then quickly cools and flakes off.
Hav'roth A hot, sweltering sirocco begins to blow in your direction, carrying with it a bevy of rich earthen fragrances. As the offering is quickly eroded away, a tiny clear gemstone winks into existence on your palm -- warm and...beating with life. The wind seems to nourish it and coats it with layer upon layer of minerals until a glowing Hav'roth orb is fully formed.
Chadatru Broken pieces of glass suddenly come flying from every direction toward you! Valiant and unflinched, you lift up your chin as the deadly hail destroys your offering and flawlessly compacts into a glowing Chadatru orb.
Tamsine An aromatic white smoke begins to waft off of your offering. The tendrils fan out in a jumble of twining, weaving movements until they bring about the distinct semblance of an osage tree. Just as its smoky roots finish wrapping your hands, the entirety of the arboreal image is blown away, leaving a glowing Tamsine orb on your palm.
(drains fatigue 100%)
Your offering turns to dust and is scattered away in an errant wind. Like a time-reversed, guttering candle, cold molten glass pools within your palm and begins to build itself upward. As the creation of a glowing Urrem'tier orb concludes, it pulses once, and all of your five senses are subjected to a terrible, mind-bendingly large force of...nothing.
You feel yourself falling...
You feel like you're dying!

Light Aspects

Deity Message
Alamhif The offering leaves your grasp, ascending and disappearing along a vertical beam of powerful light that illuminates you. After a moment, a glowing Alamhif orb drops gently onto your palm. The touch of simple glass seems to clear away all your worries.
Divyaush Your offering begins to spout molten dark chocolate! Instead of dripping away, the fountain of sweet accumulates on your palm, filling up an invisible, spherical mold. The surface of the giant chocolate mass ripples with bluish twinkles before smoothening into the clear glass of a glowing Divyaush orb.
Phelim A quartet of translucent spheres in differing sizes and colors -- blue, red, yellow and white -- expands from nothingness and falls into orbit around you. You cannot help but watch their flawless, acutely precise movement for some time. The phantom moons suddenly break orbit and converge in an impossible eclipse above your palm, the colors waning as you are left holding a glowing Phelim orb.
Firulf Lightning strikes your upraised arms several times in rapid succession, obliterating the offering! You are unharmed, yet a glowing Firulf orb that now hovers overhead is still crackling with sky-fire. The glass orb lands unerringly on your palm, its tingle striking a blissful swath through your body.
Kuniyo A whispering zephyr begins to blow in your direction, carrying with it the smell of forest loam and stirring up the life force in you. Growing abundantly about your hands, wild vines of a dozen different colors and leafage wrap around the offering. As they soon dissolve in the breeze, only a glowing Kuniyo orb is left behind.
Berengaria A subdued, pristine yellow light pools within your palms, swelling outward and ensheathing the offering. It grows stronger and stronger until it is an almost blinding, spherical glare -- a minute rising sun that blots out everything else for a moment. The light fades, leaving you holding a glowing Berengaria orb.
Albreda With an audible pop, the offering breaks apart into small, fluffy clouds of immaculate cotton! They spring into the air and compress together in a whirl of whiteness while they fall, landing on your palm as a glowing Albreda orb.
Peri'el A light rain of nacreous sands begins to fall about you, sprinkling your offering in gentle spirals and soon covering it completely. The sands melt heatlessly into the form of a glowing Peri'el orb.
Eylhaar A pearlescent black sheen spreads over the surface of your offering, shrinking it until it vanishes like an extinguished candlelight. A visibly distorted void is left in its wake, which is soon filled by a glowing Eylhaar orb, cold to the touch.
Rutilor Adhering to perfect formation, a pack of impeccable silver hounds trot into the area and halt at a respectful distance from you. The astute-looking lead canine pads forward to sit in front of you, a glowing Rutilor orb in its jaws. You exchange your offering for the orb, and the pack departs in a dash.
Murrula Your offering suddenly catches fire, which shapes itself into a tiny sprite-like girl standing on your palm. Giving you a mischievous half-smile, she begins a pirouette thats sets her spinning faster and faster until she is nothing more than a blur of flame. Soon, a glowing Murrula orb coalesces, the fiery streaks slowly dying down under its surface.
Lemicus The offering poofs away into a wisp of vapor that drifts above your head and swirls into a glowing Lemicus orb. You are suddenly lifted several inches off the ground by powerful currents of air, your clothes flapping about as you are pulled toward the orb. Taking hold of it, you fall back down, unjarred.
Saemaus A giant crystalline flower, pulsating between every shade of red, appears in full bloom around your offering. Perfectly ordered, the gossamer petals slowly close up and withdraw into a strange bud: a glowing Saemaus orb.

Dark Aspects

Deity Message
Aldauth Coils of sickly black mist flow from your mouth and nostrils as a piercing beak plucks at your spirit, writhing and twisting about your offering. With a loud wailing sound, the mist snaps into the form of a glowing Aldauth orb, mirroring a face -- your face, only dead -- on its surface before growing transparent.
(causes a stun)
Your offering transforms into a huge, auburn and metallic green centipede with a stout body! Squirming wretchedly, the creature bites your hand, but you hold it fast by some instinct. It then rolls up into a ball that soon loses color and hardens as a glowing Ushnish orb. You feel a fiery venom in your veins.
Idon A pair of sizable pigs, well-groomed and colored a festive shade of magenta, come barreling through the area! They brake themselves to an ungraceful stop in front of you. When you instinctively lower your arms, one of the animals nabs the offering with its teeth, and the other drops a glowing Idon orb it had been carrying onto your palm. The duo departs after sharing a sad look.
Asketi Something that feels like a talon or a long-nailed finger slowly scrapes along the back of your neck. As your heart stops beating for an ache-filled time, a crude burlap sack materializes around your offering. You carefully reach into it, pulling out a glowing Asketi orb. The sack withers away, and your heartbeat resumes.
Drogor Peals of thunder begin to drum in your head, escalating to a pounding rhythm of pain. At the thirteenth and last pulse, your offering disintegrates into a biting grey sleet that explodes in your face! From the spray a glowing Drogor orb solidifies on your palm, ablaze with electrical light.
(causes vitality hit)
The skin on your hands ripples strangely for a few moments, then the veins underneath rupture! Shimmering as if blessed, spurts of blood cover the offering with a scarlet sheet. A glowing Trothfang orb takes shape in your soaked palms, sealing the wounds with its blazing heat.
Dergati Several small creatures that look like swift, furless black moles bound into view! Leaping one by one, they latch onto your arms and begin to devour your offering. With the last bite, the mole-beasts are smashed together by an unseen force into a glowing Dergati orb.
Botolf Someone behind you pushes you face-first into a patch of foul-smelling mud on the ground that was not there a second ago, knocking the offering right off your hand. As you scramble to get back on your feet, your fingers brush glass: a glowing Botolf orb. You quickly pick it up and wipe it clean.
Kerenhappuch A delicate cinnabar moth flies about your arms. It is soon joined by another pair, and then by hundreds more until they are a cloud of black and rubious flecks flurrying around your offering. All of the moths' wings are suddenly torn off and drawn into a glowing Kerenhappuch orb that you now hold, the tiny bodies scattering at your feet.
Zachriedek The offering explodes in a miniature mushroom cloud! Inexplicably profuse waves of soot, grime and other debris buffet your face and wrack you with a fit of heinous coughing. Just as quickly, all of it implodes into a glowing Zachriedek orb in the air, which then drops on your palm with a leaden weight.
Huldah The high-pitched sound of a falling object fills your ears. You look up just in time to see a glowing Huldah orb as it drops from above like an astray catapult rock and wallops you in the head! The orb ricochets into your dazed hands, smashing the offering as well.
Harawep Someone suddenly whisks past you in a blur, snatching your offering! At the same time, you feel the touch of cracked, dry lips on your forehead as a splitting headache hammers your senses. When it lets up, you find yourself holding a glowing Harawep orb that reeks of dust.
Be'ort Your eyeballs burn as if anointed with salt, so you lower your hand gingerly toward your face. A deluge of hot tears suddenly gushes from your eyes, the droplets sizzling acidly as they hit your offering and dissolve it. Within your now-empty palm a glowing Be'ort orb materializes, tear drenched.

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