Lakyan's Tailored Goods and Repair

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Lakyan's Tailored Goods and Repair
Province Ilithi
Town Fang Cove
Map Ranik's Map 150
Owner Lakyan
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Repair shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Dokoras

[Lakyan's Tailored Goods and Repair, Sales Floor]
An oddity among some of the other local shops, this one contains wooden planks for a floor in lieu of the natural sand. Hardy wooden beams are evenly spaced around the square room, each joined to the next by a Gnome-high shelf. A battered trunk has been tucked away in one corner. You also see Tailor Lakyan and a bucket of viscous gloop.

On the wide shelf
Item Price Done
patchwork cloth gloves 225   !!
patchwork cloth sleeves 541   
patchwork cloth pants 1,127   No
patchwork cloth aventail 360   No
patchwork cloth tasset 315   No
patchwork cloth hood 405   No
patchwork cloth cap 405   No
patchwork cloth shirt 2,074   No
patchwork cloth vest 2,074   No

On a battered trunk: A stained parchment

A stained parchment with neatly printed lettering reads:
"This space reserved for new inventory should civilization ever find us.

--Bard in Training, Lakyan"