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Province: Unknown
Currency: Kronar
Population: Unknown
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: Merelew
Dominant Guild: None
Government: King Galpelus
Guild Halls: Crafter
Patron Deity: Eluned

Island-city of the Merelew, created by the Merelew using lifesculpting. The island is said to appear roughly every 100 years for a large festival in honor of Eluned. For some description of the island and its inhabitants, see The Merelew (book).

The extensive use of lifesculpting has imbued the island with sentience and it is, in fact, a living creature. Due to it not being anchored by any sort of weight or attached to the sea floor, it has been known to change location.


Andreshlew's line of succession is "absolute cognatic primogeniture" or "lineal primogeniture" in which the oldest living child regardless of gender is in line for the throne.

The current King and Queen are King Galpelus and Queen Unavia. Next in line would be his eldest daughter, Princess Amythiel Deladrielas.


The island of Andreshlew was debuted during the first Feast of Eluned and was re-visited during the second Feast of Eluned.

See also: The History of the Feast Of Eluned

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