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The APPRAISE command allows you to get information about various things/people you come across. The accuracy of the information received depend directly upon your Appraisal skill as well as the skill necessary to use the item (in the case of weapons and armor).


It is important to keep in mind that some characters consider unasked-for appraisal of themselves to be uncouth and improper, and they might decide to confront you about such an activity.

Strict role-players often regard shorthand appraisals (such as "l/bc/f p/r") as OOC and therefore unsuitable for gweths.


  • APPRAISE <item>
  • APPRAISE <PC/creature>
  • APPRAISE <direction to SWIM in>
  • APPRAISE <CLIMBing object>
  • APPRAISE <person> <item> - To appraise an item that was just SHOWn.
  • APPRAISE <FOCUS> <object or word>

Note: the item and creature forms can also make use of the QUICK and CAREFUL keywords
For a full list of what options work for FOCUS see Appraise Focus.


When appraising weapons, shields, and armor, the skill associated with using that item also assists with gaining information. At about 200 combined skill, exact appraisals of items are possible.

The exceptions to this are weight, which uses only Appraisal skill, and armor construction, which uses only your skill in that armor.


Paladins are able to distinguish between more grades of shield protection. The Paladin can see 19 different grades, whereas the non-Paladin can only distinguish between 11 grades. For the complete scale, see Appraisal_skill#Shield_protection.

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