DragonRealms Updates (2019)

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Changes to the game during the 2019 calendar year.



  • Fundamental Research now requires 5 minutes to complete (down from 15 minutes)
  • Mana Stream Theory now requires 5 minutes to complete (down from 15 minutes)
  • High-Energy Spellcasting now requires 7.5 minutes to complete (down from 10 minutes)
  • Augmentation, Utility and Warding take 10 minutes to complete (down from 20 minutes)
Additionally, Manifest Force and Gauge Flow scrolls sold in Crossing now have reduced Arcana requirements
  • Item dyeing updates. [9]
  • Many un-altered weapons, and a few un-altered armors, are now dye-able in a dye tub. In most cases this will be play and find out to see what can be done. One notable example is nightmare black leathers can be dyed. Once dyed, these items are considered altered and cannot be dyed again.
  • You should now be able dye and re-dye crafted items. If a crafted item doesn't want to dye, use a cleaning cloth to set it to appearance "1 - a crafted thing" and try to put it in the tub again.
  • When crafted runestones are available through Enchanting, they will be able to be dyed once only. Non-crafted runestones sold in the game today cannot be dyed.



  • Crossing to Muspar'i Airship starts service (free)
  • RUNTIME command that tracks the game's recent crashes/restarts released[15]
  • Skill/Stat (including crafting skills) bonus buff limits extended from 20% to 30%[16]
  • The Team Player and Group Support magic feats have been retired.[17]


  • Necromancers are now treated as any other guild in terms of player vs. player conduct and policy - including consent and harassment
  • Non-perverse Necromancers now have the option to select a PvP Closed stance, Perverse are locked open as long as they choose to be Perverse
  • ACCUSE NECRO command has been removed - in its place is a revamped Social Outrage system which automatically increases the social outrage of a Forsaken necromancer in any justice zones, which thereby increases the likelihood of being arrested or purged by the Hounds of Rutilor


Cyclic Spells:
  • Charging a cambrinth item will no longer clear its previously specified Invoke amount
  • New command FOCUS CAMBRINTH allows for all worn/held cambrinth to be focused at once


  • Telga orek spawn bumped up.
  • Bone Wyverns damage reduction reduced (by almost half). Spawn rate, amount, and chance to spawn where you are rather than roaming were all increased as well.


  • HIDEPRESTRINGS: Removes other players' titles from room LOOKs and the room window.
  • HIDEPOSTSTRINGS: Removes other players' post strings and shortens status indicators from room LOOKs and the room window.
  • Weapon straps expanded to include weapons regardless of size, to allow them to be shoulder worn.[38]



  • WARN command update adds ingame ability to check your account history for instances of Warn/Caution.[42]
  • JUSTICE command now outputs a more granular view of your Social Outrage in all provinces, somewhat similar to how PRAY works for Divine Outrage (but with less mystery about how to interpret the output).[43]
  • Hollow Eve 432


  • New favor altars for Therengia, Ilithi, Qi'Reshalia, Forfedhdar.



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