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The Test instance is a DragonRealms server dedicated to testing. It is where new systems are released for beta testing and commentary by a select group of players, before being incorporated into the "live" servers (Prime, Platinum, and The Fallen).

Instance Code: DRT

Current Status

December 10, 2013

The Test Instance is currently open to all subscribers for beta testing of DragonRealms 3.1, a major upgrade of many game systems.


Access is normally available for Platinum Subscribers, Community Leaders, Mentors, and other players individually selected by the GameMasters.

Before major system upgrades, the test instance is typically opened up to all subscribers for final beta testing.

Special Commands

  • TEST JUMP: Jump to Crossing Town Green North.
  • TEST SORCERY <#>: Sets the Sorcery skill to the desired level. (inactive command as of 3/21/2020)
  • TEST CRYSTAL: Get a crystal shard to teleport to other provinces.
  • TEST POTENCY: Get a single potency crystal.
  • TEST INFUSER: Get a single infuser stone.
  • TEST GUIDES: Get 25 uses of URCHIN guides for traveling within province.
  • TEST RUNNERS: Get 25 uses of urchin runners for remote BANKing and other conveniences.
  • TEST COINS: Get 10,000 platinum of each currency type (if you're under 10,000).
  • TEST CURRENCY: Get 10,000 of a chosen TICKET currency type.
  • TEST WIPESPELLS: Wipe your spells to test spell choosing.
  • TEST ENDRESEARCH: Conclude active research.
  • TEST WIPEEXP: Clear field experience.
  • TEST SPECIAL: Restores Paladin soul and Thief confidence.
  • TEST EVALUATE: Evaluates attackable creatures in the room for approximate level scoring.
  • TEST WIPESTATS: Reset your stats to racial minimums and all derived stats (mana/fatigue/exp/etc). (Doesn't work, but RESPEC STAT does)
  • CHATTER /ON: Turns on the global chat channel.
  • CHATTER /OFF: Turns off the global chat channel.
  • CREATEMAT: Creates a large quantity of material (99 quality)
  • EXP SWITCH {SKILL1} {SKILL2}: Allows the switching of two magic skills. Currently Augmentation, Debilitation, Utility, and Warding can be switched.
  • HEALME: Will remove all damage. There is a timer on it.

Travel Shards

Found in central locations, the shards can be RUBbed to change their color, and then INVOKEd to travel.

Red The Crossing, Town Green North
Blue Leth Deriel, Sana'ati Dyaus Drui'tas
Green Riverhaven, Theren Way
Yellow Shard, Katamba's Crescent Road
Grey Ratha, Redthorne Square
Violet Aesry Surlaenis'a, Staho Pivo'hrr'schu'Mus
Purple Wharf End, Mer'Kresh
Lavender M'riss Dock
Black Seneca's Fruitstand (Near Theren)
Pink Tiger Clan Home, Dirt Pathway
Fuchsia Vela'Tohr Edge, Secluded Grove
Turquoise Gate to Hibarnhvidar
Canary Boar Clan, Split-Log Path
Golden Muspar'i, Great Gate Square

Healing Testing

To facilitate testing of the 3.1 healing system, in front of the Empaths' Guild in Crossing there is "a hurty thing" and a GameMaster named Testone. The hurty thing can be used on Testone to generate wounds for testing the healing systems. Additionally, shock tester dials are available for sale for 1 kronar, which allow an Empath to set or clear their shock if they become shocked during the course of testing.


Experience and items gained or lost in the Test instance have no effect on your character in the live game.

Characters are copied from the Prime instance the first time they are logged into the test server. Occasionally the test server will be completely reset, typically when adding a major system, at which point logging in will copy the character from the Prime server again. A GameMaster can manually copy characters over for various reasons if asked, although this is usually only done for characters from the Platinum and Fallen instances since those characters otherwise have no way of being copied over.

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