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Zo-lu-ren - Home to all Seven Races as well as immigrants from the Gorbesh and far Western lands, Zoluren is racially and culturally diverse, and enjoys the commercial advantages of its geographical position in the center of the defunct Seven Star Empire. [from H-Gamgweth Zohlu Ren, "First Land"]


Zoluren is headed by a Prince (or Princess) which is backed by a council. The council is made up of nobles from the Great Houses of Zoluren. The monarchy of Zoluren is male preference cognative primogeniture, which means that males of the ruling house are preferred over females of the line, though a female ruling is not out of the question.

There are several noble houses which are located within Zoluren as well. Past and present ruling houses of Zoluren have come from these families as well. They are:
House Chelochi
House Denesal
House Linlaig
House Magen
House Tanglefoot
House Turmar
House Verille
House Sorvendig

Past Houses or Houses with no current information:
House Tirof
House Alshaerd
House Guemos


Compiled by GameMaster Godrich prior to September, 2007.

Zoluren contains approximately 120,000 square miles of territory. Adjusting for large areas that appear on the map as being very mountainous, we have roughly 100,000 square miles of inhabitable land. ...If we give an average population density of say 45 people per square mile, this results in the following population figures:
Total Population: 5,000,000
Rural Population: 3,937,500
Urban Population: 562,500
Crossing -- 250,000
Leth Deriel -- 75,000
Arthe Dale -- 25,000
Wolf Clan -- 9000
Tiger Clan -- 9000
Stone Clan -- 3000
Kaerna -- 1000
Dirge -- 1500
Knife Clan -- 1000
Unknown towns and villages -- 215,000 (some of this could be taken up by increasing the population of the towns listed above as well)

Cities and Clans

The Crossing

The Crossing Area Graphic

Zoluren's capital city is a bustling center of trade. The renowned Asemath Academy and representatives of each of the adventuring guilds make the Crossing a center of learning, while the largest and most breathtaking Temple of the Thirteen in all the lands makes it a refuge for the spirit.

Tiger Clan

Tiger Clan Area Graphic

Tiger Clan is a small village inhabited by Gor'Togs who were either strong enough to fight off local goblins or just not bright enough to notice them in the area. Of local interest is a large mansion that houses the clan's chief. It was built prior to the village around it and few remain that can tell the story of its creation.

Wolf Clan

Wolf Clan Area Graphic

Wolf Clan is a settlement of human barbarians far west of The Crossing. Consisting of several shops, a trading post, and a renowned leatherworker, the clan offers their simple trades with earnest. Striving to survive amidst the monsterous ogres, Wolf Clan meets any challenge with barbaric ferocity.

Knife Clan

Knife Clan Area Graphic

Knife Clan is a village of skilled metalworkers and weaponsmiths. However, their art is somewhat marred by their backwoods reputation so much so that more civilized traders scoff at the mere consideration of dealing with their wares. Still, the stubborn Gor'Togs manage to eke out a living and survive.

Arthe Dale

Arthe Dale Area Graphic

The quaint village of Arthe Dale is a refuge for Halflings just north of the Crossing, where the air is sweet with the scent of taffelberries and the sound of laughter.

Kaerna Village

Kaerna Village Area Graphic

Nestled in the valley that hosts the Northern Trade Road, Kaerna Village makes for a homey rest stop on the route between Dirge and the Crossing. All of a travellers needs are met including the cozy Gilded Unicorn Inn for those that need an overnight stay. Though small, Kaerna Village brings our the heart of the land for many of its inhabitants.

Stone Clan

Stone Clan Area Graphic

The Dwarven settlement known as Stone Clan has carved a sturdy mark upon the land. The dwarves deal not only in stone but in spirit and will rarely hesitate to correct you on points of history and lore that do not meet their well known accountings of it. Care should be taken to remain on the paths when travelling, as there are many dangers lurking within the shadows of nearby environs.


Dirge Area Graphic

Living in the shadow of active volcano Greater Fist, Dirge is a bleak grey city of stern, hardened, determined people. Yet underneath the ash and rubble lies a once-charming village waiting to be discovered.

Gorbesh Fortress

Gorbesh Fortress Area Graphic

Memories of battle and echoes of warcries are all that remains to be fearful of within the Gorbesh Fortress. Abandoned after a what was an almost devestating invasion, nothing of great interest can be found within unless of course one finds broken battlements and wrecked catapults fascinating. Still, the sight of the place is a sore spot with locals and the subject should be avoided at formal and casual gatherings.

Leth Deriel

Leth Deriel Area Graphic

A sleepy, peaceful Elven village built around the sacred Sana'ati Dyaus tree, Leth Deriel is a pleasant stop on the road from the Crossing to Shard.

Ilaya Taipa

Ilaya Taipa is a small riverfront trading town that is also the home to many River Elves. Ilaya Taipa also serves as a border town in Zoluren to Forfedhdar. The majority of the traffic coming through Ilaya Taipa are people who wish to travel from one of the mentioned provinces to another.