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First Aid is a Survival skill that measures a character's proficiency in bandaging bleeding wounds and removing foreign objects that have lodged in the body such as arrows or parasites. Internal bleeding wounds can also be TENDed beginning at around 600 ranks of training.[1] The skill has no applications with regard to treating poison or disease, permanently curing wounds, or restoring vitality loss.

For the purposes of this skill, the game assumes that every character has an unlimited supply of bandages which can be used whenever necessary.

Higher ranks in the skill mean that the character is capable of treating progressively more serious bleeding wounds with greater success and less roundtime. At higher levels of skill, characters can stop bleeders of great severity without incurring any roundtime at all. See also bleeding levels for list of possible severities.

A character that attempts to treat a wound that is vastly beyond their skill will fail to reduce the bleeding at all, and will likely cause a substantial roundtime for both themself and the intended patient.

Wounds where the tending has not completely stopped the bleeding (i.e. they don't show as clotted(tended) or (tended)), will bleed more severely when the bandages are unwrapped or come undone.

Spells and abilities that boost First Aid

Spells and abilities that decrease First Aid



See the TEND command.


Having a bleeding wound will subject you to a chance of getting gangrene. The chance of catching this disease increases dramatically if a wound goes untended for 9 minutes. Every time a wound bandage needs to be applied there is a chance of catching gangrene, but it is much lower than letting the wound bleed.

Blood Staunching will dramatically reduce the chances of getting gangrene from bleeding wounds.

The severity of the bleeder has a direct relation to the severity of the disease you may contract.

The chance to get infected is based strictly on how well cared for the wound is over a given period of time.


See bleeding levels on the damage page for list of least difficult to most difficult bleeders to tend.

Tending back wounds is more difficult than other types of wounds.

Skill to Tend

Approximate ranks needed to tend by severity.

Severity Bleeding Rate Skill Needed
0 Tended N/A, already tended
0 Clotted N/A, already tended
1 Slight 30
2 Light 40
3 Moderate 50
4 Bad 60
5 Very Bad 75
6 Heavy 90
7 Very Heavy 105
8 Severe 120
9 Very Severe 140
10 Extremely Severe 160
11 Profuse 180
12 Very Profuse 205
13 Massive 230
14 Gushing 255
15 Massive Stream 285
16 Gushing Fountain 315
17 Uncontrollable ?
18 Unbelievable ?
19 Beyond Measure ?
20 Death Awaits ?

Example Roundtimes

Skill Wound Severity Bleeding Rate Body Part Roundtime
74 Harmful Slight Right Arm 9 seconds first tend, 6 seconds second tend
74 Very Harmful Slight Right Arm 12 seconds first tend
74 Damaging Light Left Arm 13 seconds first tend
128 Deep cuts across the chest area Light? Chest 2 seconds first tend


TENDing wounds

Experience is awarded every 15 seconds for the first 5 minutes a wound is tended. After that point no more experience is earned until the bandage falls off naturally and is re-tended, or the bandage is unwrapped and re-tended. The message "You feel like now might be a good time to change the bandages on your <body part>." marks the point where experience is no longer awarded to that tend.

Thus, the most efficient way to train through TENDing is to bandage the hardest wound within the character's abilities and wait until you get the message that the bandage needs changing. Then unwrap and re-tend the wound.

Anatomy charts

Once you have at least 50 in scholarship you can STUDY Anatomy Charts/compendiums to practice First Aid. You can TURN the page in the compendium to get to another creature to study. This is the safest way to learn First Aid, and by no means ineffective. It also trains scholarship, but locks scholarship far faster than first aid, which in the past could cause problems with your overall state of mind. This is no longer an issue with the current experience system.

Dissecting Creatures

Once you have reached Circle 10, you can dissect creatures. The rate of learning from dissecting creatures compares to the rate at which one can train weapons. If you skin the creature, you may not dissect it. Also, if you dissect the creature, you may not skin it. Sorry, no double-dipping!


Empaths get a bonus to First Aid.


"After 100 ranks in first aid the compendiums are much easier to keep your learning going than trying to keep enough bleeders going --Khazera 16:46, 23 March 2008 (CDT)

"Khazera's observation holds true even with 20 ranks in first aid. Simply fill your compendium with every chart that you can read and cycle through them. The exp timer is NOT on the compendium itself, but on each individual chart. So STUDY, FLIP, repeat until locked. Don't finish studying chart then flip--flip immediately after studying once!" Renian 01:51, 10 May 2009 (UTC)


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