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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: 200,000
Established: Unknown
Alternate Names: Haven
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: None
Government: Mayor Bressail
Guild Halls: Barbarian, Bard, Cleric, Empath, Moon Mage, Paladin, Ranger, Thief, Trader, Warrior Mage
Patron Deity: None



Riverhaven, or simply "Haven", is one of the principal cities of the province of Therengia. It stands on the northern banks of the Faldesu River, very near the border between Therengia and Zoluren
Though Therenborough is the capital of Therengia, Riverhaven is probably the province's largest city. It is the seat of Therengian commercial power, and appropriately, is managed by a Trader, Lord Mayor Bressail. Lucrative but foul-smelling salt yards line the southern end of the city. The rest of the town is scattered with smaller shops and other commercial buildings.

The city is largely dominated by Humans, as is Therengia as a whole. A Halfling quarter on the west side of town, however, is one of the more substantial clusters of Halfling homes and businesses to be found anywhere in Elanthia.

Empaths in Riverhaven have the curious habit of taking patients on the street outside of the town's healing hall, rather than inside the building. The heavily-frequented spot at which they congregate is nicknamed "the crate" because of a waste disposal crate nearby.

Riverhaven is home to at least one Guildleader of every guild in Elanthia. It is also the only place in DragonRealms other than The Crossing in which the DIRECTION command can be used, which allows easy navigation. Because of these things, and the presence of plentiful low-level hunting areas nearby, Riverhaven is considered a viable "newbie" city, as is the Crossing.

Its equipment stores generally stock merchandise that is superior to their competitors' in the Crossing, but inferior to the basic equipment sold in Shard. For this reason, and for the general difficulty of creatures in nearby areas, Riverhaven was once considered a sort of "middle city" between a character's novicehood in the Crossing and its ultimate need for high-end content in Shard.

Play.net Description: The river Faldesu provides the economic heart of Therengia with a bounty of seafood, salt, and trade goods. The town is not without its mysteries and legends mind you. Dunshade manor, once the great home of a local land owner, is now believed to be haunted and few dare to enter to prove otherwise.

Government, history, and background

Government type

Prominent people


Locations About Town

Riverhaven Triage Locations


Unique shops and services


Bars, inns, and taverns

Prominent hangouts

  • "The Crate": directly outside the hospital on the main north-south road (No longer used).
  • The Dry Goods Store (DGS): on the main east-west road, to the west of the temple.
  • Ranger Tent: Outside the East Gate, to the northeast.

Important activities


Traditional Favor Orbs can be obtained outside the East Gate and can be redeemed down a path inside the Temple at the Town Square.

Task givers

Task Giver Location Task Types
old Maisie Riverhaven, wandering the streets delivery, foraging, item rec (area)
Fara Riverhaven, Fara's Furs kill critters, kill boss, delivery, item recovery, skins/pelts
Ioun Riverhaven, Ioun's Pawn delivery, item recovery, item rec (area)
Lady Daralaendra Riverhaven, Warehouse Office delivery, skins/pelts, ?
Guildeader Les Glowroak Riverhaven, Barbarian Guild ?
Guildleader Jelna Sarik Riverhaven, Cleric Guild delivery
Guildleader Nebela Mentrade Riverhaven, Empath Guild delivery, foraging, item rec (area)
Representative Remen Riverhaven, Paladin Guild delivery
Journeywoman Ievia Riverhaven, Ranger Guild delivery
Guildleader Willowbrook Riverhaven, Trader Guild delivery
Guildmistress Karazhil Riverhaven, Warrior Mage Guild delivery
Guildleader Crow Therengia, Thief Guild delivery






The Crossing was originally the starting city for all new adventurers. However, Riverhaven now has a chance of being one's starting city. Those from an estate holding family may choose which city to start in.