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The term pet applies to several different types of creature in Elanthia.

  • Sack-style pets are creatures come in several varieties. These type of pets can typically be dropped on the ground to follow the player, worn, have atmospherics and other interactions. They come with a specific container to house them in when obtained in game, though these homes can typically be altered or swapped out with homes from certain shops.
  • Home type pets are creatures which can be purchased to occupy a home. These work in both Estate Holder and Simucoin homes.
  • Pet may also be used as a term for summon-able creatures, such as a Necromancer's zombie or an Empath's Guardian Spirit. Ranger companions and Warrior Mage Familiars may also be included in this category.

Sack-style Pets

Other Pets

House Pets By Type


Black and tan Rossgallan settertrue
Black canal dogtrue
Item:Apricot-colored dogfalse
Item:Black canal dogfalse
Item:Blood-red Diluger dogfalse
Item:Copper clockwork dogtrue
Item:Warm brown Pi'pehgi dogfalse
Item:Yellow canal dogfalse


Copper-eyed Taisidon jungle cattrue
Item:Ghostly grey cattrue
Item:Glacial white Ilithic catfalse
Item:Gold clockwork cattrue


Item:Female ghosttrue

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