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Tuesday Tidings - 32 - New Numerical Toggles and Expanded Armor Hindrance Scale · on 09/29/2020 19:33 1084
Happy Tuesday, everyone!

I chose the project this week, and Zadraes provided guidance on implementation.

  1. The base armor hindrance rankings have been expanded to 15 visible values, up from 8. The stats on your items did NOT change, this was only a cosmetic change to how they message so you have greater granularity in comparing items.
  2. We have added 2 new TOGGLEs to help digest the multiple scales used in APPRAISE messaging as well as mana levels via PERCEIVE. You can check TOGGLE LIST for the details. These number rankings are OOC and should NOT be used in gweth or other forms of IC communication. They are simply a tool to help you, as players, quickly digest information without needing to memorize multiple sets of ranked messaging that sometimes can change depending on your guild or skill level.

For more details on each, read on!


Base armor hindrance previously only had eight possible values. This made it difficult to appraise differences between very small and large pieces of armor, which always tended to look insignificant or insane.

Live in all instances, base armor hindrance has been expanded to 15 visible values. The scale uses the same adjectives in the same order as shield hindrance (but doesn't have the same cutoffs). See my follow-up post in Lore \ Appraisal Skill for the new scale.

We did not change the actual stats on any armor or how hindrance functions in combat. We only changed how an armor's base hindrance looks when you appraise it.

An unfortunate side effect of this change is that you cannot easily compare hindrance on armor appraised before this change to armor appraised after this change. Even though the adjectives that were used in the old scale are still used in the new scale, the cutoffs are not the same. (That is, "moderate" in today's base hindrance scale does not cover the same range as "moderate" in the previous scale.)

We recognize that this is an inconvenience that will affect Elanthipedia and other documentation that players worked hard to create, but we think that the benefit of increased granularity outweighs the inconvenience.

Elanthipedia's armor template will need to be updated before adding any new appraisals.


If you type TOGGLE LIST, you will see two new options: Appraisal and Mana. Both options are off by default. Enabling these options displays a numerical ranking along with the standard text descriptions. This is similar to what users of Genie or Lich may be familiar with. For example, turning on the appraisal option makes weapon appraisals look like this:

A flame-bladed zweihander with a blade of firestained agonite is a two-handed edged pole-ranged weapon.
A flame-bladed zweihander with a blade of firestained agonite trains the two-handed edged skill.

You are certain that it could do:
somewhat fair (4/28) puncture damage
very devastating (22/28) slice damage
mighty (17/28) impact damage
no (0/28) fire damage
no (0/28) cold damage
no (0/28) electric damage

The flame-bladed zweihander is well (9/17) designed for improving the force of your attacks.

You are certain that the zweihander is well (9/17) balanced and is soundly (8/17) suited to gaining extra attack power from your strength.

You are certain that the flame-bladed zweihander is practically invulnerable to damage (18/18) and is in pristine condition (100%).

The flame-bladed zweihander is made with metal.
You are certain that the flame-bladed zweihander weighs exactly 125 stones.
You are certain that the flame-bladed zweihander is worth exactly 20000000 Kronars.

Again, none of the actual stats have changed, and with the exception of base hindrance for armor (see above), the scales have not changed either. This just adds native support for making it easier to understand stat rankings.

GM Cordulia

This message was originally posted in Lore / Appraisal Skill, by DR-CORDULIA on the forums.