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Tuesday Tidings - 38 - New LTBs · on 11/10/2020 23:34 1798
Happy Tuesday, folks!

A couple years ago (omgsomuchhashappenedwheredidthetimego?!?), we put together some plans to update and add items to the Squat Bungalow's Long Term Benefit (LTB) offerings for Premium players. While today's update isn't exhaustive on that front, we had a few items ready to go and decided there's no reason to keep waiting!

Now available in all instances, you can find:

To be clear, the stackers are only the stackers. They do not contain usable stones or crystals -- those are already available separately on a nearby ironwood shelf.

Big thanks to Cordulia for the QCs on these!

Next week we may see an evolution to an arrangement between some locals and a guild, or things may stay the same! Because that's not vague at all! Stay tuned!

(for the team!)

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