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Province: Therengia
Currency: Lirum
Population: ~150,000
Established: 225 BL
Alternate Names: "Egg of the Sun" "Sun's Egg"
Dominant Race: S'Kra Mur
Dominant Guild: None
Government: King Arhhdan
Guild Halls: Warrior Mage, Trader, Bard, Cleric
Patron Deity: None
Warnings: See warnings below.



Muspar'i is a fabulous S'Kra Mur trade city in the middle of the unforgiving Velaka Desert. The city is only possible because of its mercantile nature, but it manages to not only survive, but thrive on rare and exotic desert goods it exports to the rest of the world. One of its steadiest earners is the salt it recovers from the salty waters of Lake Ratamipak. Built on a low bluff overlooking this large lake, the city is defended by thick walls and tall towers, as well as its isolated location in a harsh climate. Description: The great S'Kra Mur city of Muspar'i is a center of trade and a treasure trove of culture. The music of this veritable oasis in the desert has become one of cities' greatest attractions. Also of interest, is the temple of the World Dragon, the oldest one known to exist in the world.

Government, history, and background

Government type

The city and surrounding territory is a S'Kra Mur monarchy, currently ruled by King Arhhdan. The monarchs of the city rule from Shorka's Palace located on the west side of the city. The kings of Muspar'i are collectively known as "the Blood of Shorka" after the founder of the city, but any actual blood relation to her is uncommon nowadays.

The city of Muspar'i maintains it's neutral stance between those that may reside in the Velaka Desert, and have conflicting interests with those in Therengia. Therengia's House Dacawla controls the only access to the city through Hvaral, something that has attributed to the House's wealth, as well as their other endeavors and trade. As a security measure to his citizens, the Baron currently requires people to obtain a passport to travel to Muspar'i, which are free for the asking in Ibec Hall.

While the city of Muspar'i and the Velaka Desert have often been referred to as one in the same, the area of the Velaka Desert is not ruled by the city's king. There are several Sand Elf hamlets scattered across the vast desert which have additional treaties, also working in conjunction with Muspar'i and Therengia's rulers to provide travel via the sand barges, as well as providing additional trade to both areas.

Prominent people

King Arhhdan King of Muspar'i.
Noblewoman Ithida.
Guildmaster Jharlan of the Warrior Mage guild.
Guildleader Kworlin of the Trader guild.
Bard Leader Selinthesa of the Bard guild
Guildmaster Anctarcarim of the Cleric guild.


Muspar'i was founded by Shorka the Cobra after her service to Lanival in the Resistance War. She led the desert-dwelling Scorpion Clan, along with a contingent of interested Sand Elves, to the shores of Lake Ratamipak and selected the location where the city would be built.

In a time of uncertainty, the first building completed was Lata'arna Keep, located near the middle of the construction site in case they needed to defend themselves. Later, the great walls of the city were erected and the keep became obsolete, but instead of tearing it down, its thick walls were seen as an ideal location for the cash reserves of the city and it has become the local banking facility.

Much of the early construction was done with sandstone and limestone quarried from just east of the city, along with bricks made from local materials. Other stone was dragged from the Gemfire Mountains and as mercantile trade was established, other materials were imported from all over Kermoria.

Locations about town

For those that enjoy the art of tapestries, it is recommended to visit the western part of The World Dragon Temple. Three tapestries hang from the walls and depict the city's history in the blink of an eye.

For the sculptor or those that enjoy the sleek lines of a well-made statue, by far the most prominent statue is the Silver Spire, so large that its top can barely be made out. To find this piece, a person will want to stay fairly close to the city gates. Another piece that will grab attention is located in the Heketha Theater. While this statue of a dragon is many times smaller than the Silver Spire, it more than makes up for the difference with the sheer quantity and quality of the gems that quite literally cover it from head to toe.

For those that rely on empaths for healing, it is a rare day when an empath is in town. While at one time knowledge of the use of herbs was essential, it no longer carries the import it once did. On the Street of Alchemists is a hospital with an NPC empath.


Located in S'zella's Square is the public listings board for those currently wanted in the city. Located inside the Jail on the wall is a scroll with the same listings.

Located on the western side of Great Gate Square is the Great Silver Spire.

On the Street of Scribes, just outside of the Songs of the Sands shop is a monument dedicated to Gulliver VonDeverone, the winner of the city song contest.

In the southwest corner of Hav'roth's Square is a building with an eerie glow emanating from it. No way in is known to exist at this time.

In the poorer section of the city, known as the Golden Heights, stands the Construct.

Located in Shorka's Square stands a monumental statue of Shorka, a former Queen and an aide to Lanival.

Unique shops and services

Smokethi the facepainter can be found wandering the city. While he could be anywhere in the city the best place to find him is around the Heketha Theatre. There is also the wandering S'Kra Mur Storyteller. He also is likely to be found in the vicinity of the Hekatha Theatre.

Scattered throughout the city are food vendors. The vendors on the street currently do not charge for any of the food or drink they have. The Silver Coin Inn does charge for their drink.


The shops in Muspar'i are are grouped by streets, with each shop on the street specializing in a particular aspect of that trade. (e.g. S'hhtrkith's Instruments deals exclusively in stringed instruments while Kohiti's Instrument Cloths only sells cloths for instrument cleaning.

Bars, inns, and taverns

Located on Tuul Yamshuk Staho, which is directly west of the gate to the bank, is the Silver Coin Inn. The only buisness in the city that has rooms for patrons. Only two rooms are available at any given time as there is no great demand for accomodations.

There is a casino room in the Inn, but no games are running at this time. In the bar itself, only drink is available. If a patron is hungry they are advised to visit one of the food vendors on the streets.

Prominent hangouts

While the population of Muspar'i and all of Velaka is very low, there is no one Hangout. If someone was going to actually put a name on where you might pass one or two people the most in a week, that would be just inside the gate to the bank. This location does have a bucket for your garbage and because it is off the streets, the Constables cannot come inside to grab and toss a criminal into the jail.

If a second place had to be named, it would be just inside the city gates. The reason for this is that in all of Muspar'i only two locations have waste buckets. It is dangerous for anyone that is wanted within the city of Muspar'i, for the constables can take you at this location.

Important activities


While there are a total of four altars within the city, only Hav'roth's and Be'ort's provide favors. The Construct is used with Pilgrim's badges. The other altar that does not serve for favors is the altar in the World Dragon Temple.

Task givers

No tasks are known to be available at this time.





For Citizenship in Muspar'i and Velaka in general, southwest of the jail is a building. Inside is where you apply for citizenship and ask for your post title for Velaka.

Located just off of the Velakan Trade Road is what is known as the Sand Pit.

Located at the dead end street of Street of Priests is where the Clerics guild is located. It is now currently open, and includes a favor altar (Be'ort). The current leader in Muspar'i is Anctarcarim.

Located in Shorka's Square, the gate to the Palace Road sits closed to all who wish to enter. Construction and remodeling are extensive projects undertaken to beautify the city and it is not open to the general public at this time.

Located on the Velakan Trade Road, you will find the Furrier for all of Velaka. Spend some time with him and watch him work. He is very entertaining at times and brutally cruel at others.

Some of the street descriptions do change depending on if it is nighttime or daytime. There is a rumor that a ghostly cat walks the street at night, but this cannot be confirmed at this time.

When a sandstorm hits the desert and city, the blowing sand will drive all the creatures from outside the the city gates to seek shelter inside the city. They don't care if people are already there and they will try to kill you so they can have the safe haven. Note on sandstorms, the blowing sand does cause damage to a person and the blowing wind has been known to throw people from room to room.

To get to Muspar'i, one must have a passport. The passport may be gotten only in the city of Therenborough. The passport is good for one year. The crossing of the Velaka Desert takes ~12 minutes one way. Being on the Sand Barge is considered neutral for bonus purposes. The Dock at Hvaral is considered Out of Town for bonus purposes and the platform on the Muspar'i side is considered In Town for bonus purposes.

It is advised that if a person decides to go into the Velaka Desert to train, that you must be prepared to map the desert. The sands shift randomly once every 3 hours. No two configurations are alike so it is likely that each time a person goes in the desert that a new map must be made. If you choose to not have a current map, you must wander around until you find the parts of the desert you want, be it the trail out, the Circle of Stones or the plateau to Walk of Bones.


If you die in Muspar'i, do not depart if you are on the platform for the sand barge as you will come back on the other side of the desert in Hvaral. It is likely the Janitor will have found some of your things from your grave before you are able to return to it.

Any herb procured from The Green Lady's Glasshouse must be offered to the young alchemist student standing outside on the Street of Alchemists. Most herbs from this shop will not work and the student checks them and replaces them with good herbs if needed.

Be aware that Muspar'i is a place that only the solitary type person would thrive in. If you require social interaction look in other cities.

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