Assess command

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The ASSESS command is used to gain more information about things around you.


  • ASSESS: Shows overview of the combat situation.
  • ASSESS PROTECT: Shows an overview of combat protection.
  • ASSESS GROUP: Shows visible members of your group.
  • ASSESS TEACHING: Shows detailed information about the currently -- available teaching classes, such as whether you can join and how the class stacks up in relation to your skills.
  • ASSESS (instrument): An alternative to the APPRAISE command.
  • ASSESS RACE [SILENTLY]: Shows race of people in room.
  • ASSESS MY RACE [SILENTLY]: Shows others of your race.
  • ASSESS OTHER RACE [SILENTLY]: Shows people not your race.
  • ASSESS RACE <race> [SILENTLY]: Shows the first person of that race.

The last 4 options can all be followed by SILENTLY to suppress messaging the room.