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Redeemed Necromancers · on 07/03/2020 22:31 163
Redeemed Necromancers are now live in the Platinum instance! Prime and TF will follow soon.

Before we go on with the details, I'd like to point anyone interested in the direction of some excellent lore by GM Armifer:

A Redeemed is a Necromancer who has been conditionally forgiven by the gods, but is on very thin ice. They regain access to much of what they had before becoming forsaken, but will lose it all again if they so much as incur a trace of Divine Outrage.

Socially, not a whole lot changes for them. They no longer accumulate suspicion from hanging out in towns, but most of their spells are still illegal, and high enough Social Outrage will still get them accused by the townsfolk. While the Immortals have reluctantly accepted these souls back into the fold, how a character or organization feels about this is up to them to decide. The gods do not command their faithful to embrace the Redeemed.

For now, the quest start is a secret that will be revealed during the course of events. We will monitor this and nudge Necromancers as appropriate. Pending some time for people to discover this, we will ensure this information becomes more public. The only prerequisite is that the penitent Necromancer must have been forsaken for at least 6 months.

Guildhall Changes

1) There are new rules concerning the ideologies each Necromancer guildhall is associated with. Necromancers of a rejected ideology will not be allowed entry, though DEPART GUILD will still work everywhere -- followed by a prompt ejection if the guildhall is unfriendly.

Zoluren Philosophers of the Knife
Therengia Philosophers of the Knife + Redeemed
Ilithi Philosophers of the Knife + Perverse
Qi'Reshalia Perverse
Forfedhdar all ideologies

2) A Redeemed's DEPART GUILD is replaced by DEPART EMUIN (more on Emuin below). Beyond that, they're expected to use the regular depart options now that they can have favors again.


Q: Which spells can't I use as a Redeemed?
A: Animation and Transcendental Necromancy spells, plus Consume Flesh and Devour. Keep in mind that these spells will remain in your spellbook until you deliberately have them removed in Throne City or via other means. One of the new Redeemed spells -- Rite of Forbearance -- derives benefit from the number of forbidden spells you still know.

Q: How about other actions?
A: Of the Thanatology rituals, only Cut, Dissection, and Entry are safe. Risen and glass constructs are still bad.

Q: What do I gain?
A: Anabasis spells, a Divine Outrage wipe, exemption from passive DO and suspicion incurrence, ability to use Holy magic, gain favors and get healed by Empaths, and reprieve from any other DO-related penalties.

Q: What the heck is Anabasis?
A: It's a new Redeemed-only spellbook, with 4 live spells and another in the works. It's a unique holy sorcery. Here, have a crummy diagram:

Q: Will guildleaders teach the new spells?
A: No, you'll have to see Emuin for that, and he won't teach non-Anabasis spells. You can find him around where you finish the quest.

Q: I lost my Redemption! Can I get it back?
A: In a change of plan from the original design, you can in fact redo the quest 6 RL months after you stop being Redeemed. Please note that, unless you can definitively demonstrate an action that incurs Divine Outrage due to a bug, staff will not override this timer. Redemption is meant to be a very delicate status. Mistakes and accidents happen, but you will have to wait 6 months for another shot at Redemption.

Many thanks to the GMs who have made Redemption possible:

  • Armifer for overall design and QCs
  • Koror for events and quest areas
  • Haros for quest coding
  • Ynami and Javac for QCs

GM Grejuva

This message was originally posted in The Necromancers / Game Master and Official Announcements, by DR-GREJUVA on the forums.