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The INVENTORY command is used to display information about your character's inventory.


  • INV: Shows a description of all of the items you are currently wearing
  • INV CHECK: Get a rough estimation of how many items are in your inventory.
  • INV LIST: List ALL items in your inventory, similar to reading a vault book.
  • INV SHOW: Does the same thing as INVENTORY by itself.
  • INV SLOTS: Gives a summary of your inventory slots, showing how many items you're wearing in each.
  • INV SLOTS LIST: Lists the names of your inventory slots.
  • INV [SLOT]: Shows you which items you are wearing that match this slot.
  • INV SEARCH [WORD]: Searches all of your inventory for items that have the word present.
  • INV [ARMOR | WEAPON | FLUFF | CONTAINER | COMBAT]: Shows you the items of this type that you're wearing.
  • INV HANDS: Shows you what you have in your hands.
  • INV [container]: Lists what is in a given container.
  • INVFIX: Moves 'stuck' items in your inventory to your hands