Fang Cove

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Province: Ilithi
Currency: Dokora
Population: Unknown
Established: 404 AV
Alternate Names: None
Dominant Race: None
Dominant Guild: None
Government: Estate Holder Council
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None


A primarily Estate Holder-only area, Fang Cove is the location of current and future Estate Holder shops and services.


There are five ways to reach Fang Cove:

The immediate vicinity around the docks, including the Grazhir shard, are accessible to non-Estate holders.

Government, history, and background

Government type

Fang Cove is administered by the Estate Holder Council.

Prominent people


Located on an inhospitable and remote portion of the Ilithian coast, it was "discovered" in 404 AV during an Estate Holder Council search for the survivors of a large trading fleet that had been missing for 10 years.


  • Fang's Peak

Mineable areas

  • Beneath Fang's Peak
  • Talas Sagamat Cave


Bars, inns, and taverns

Prominent hangouts

Important activities

  • Climbing, Swimming, and Escaping
  • Vine rope swinging: there are four climbables in Fang's Shadow that are connected by SWINGing between them on vine ropes
  • Mining
  • Fishing: also has a local leaderboard, if you catch a big fish you can be mentioned as a local hero!
  • Fang Cove beach combing: have fun digging in the sand and coral around the island, find some shiny things and make a few coin for a cool drink after!



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