DragonRealms Updates (2012)

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A page to assist returning players.





  • Announcement that circle cap will be expanded to 200 (Post)
  • Announcement that Traders will receive lunar mana expansion at some point (Post)
  • Forging society on Mer'Kresh opened, previous forge removed.
  • An altar that accepts any filled orb is added to Mer'Kresh at the top of the Carillon tower.
  • Release of Paladin-only shield appraisals to general use, and restructuring of shield hindrance and protection names (Post 1, 2)


  • Can now HUG favor orbs to fill in one action.
  • Minor changes to caravan handling due to owner death or starvation. (Post)
  • New POC options from As the Caravan Turns.
  • Chippable weapons released via auction (Post)
  • New rules for glass constructs. (Post)


  • Bonding ammunition is now prevented.
  • Transferring The Fallen characters between accounts is now possible.


  • Premium expansion to and restructing of Dunes of Despair (dillo hunting grounds) released.
  • Release of <TT>LTB CLAIM</tt> system.
  • Adan'f Shadow Mages will not take bonded/registered items or mining materials.
  • Players allowed to circle to 200.
  • Update to TIME command to allow more accuracy.
  • Addition of WEATHER command. (Post)
  • Rakash now get a one minute warning before changing to or from moonskin. (Post)
  • "All this climbing back and forth is getting a bit tiresome." limit removed from climbing.
  • Hiding experience is now awarded at the end of RT. If you are removed from hiding (except by pointing) before that, none is granted. (Post)
  • Two new Cleric Rituals added. (Post)