Leth Deriel

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Province: Zoluren
Currency: Kronar
Population: 75,000
Established: Ancient, at least 6,000 years ago
Alternate Names: Leth
Dominant Race: Elf
Dominant Guild: None
Government: Linlaig
Guild Halls: None
Patron Deity: None
Warnings: Beware of wandering moss meys north of the city.



An Elven city south of the ferry from Crossing which houses quite a few shops and makes for a good rest on the way to or from Shard or Forfedhdar.

Play.net Description: A sleepy, peaceful Elven village built around the sacred Sana'ati Dyaus tree, Leth Deriel is a pleasant stop on the road from the Crossing to Shard.

Government, history, and background

Government type

Leth is governed at its highest level by the Prince of Zoluren. The current Mayor is Arandus Linlaig who was elevated Akroeg 409 by the Zoluren High Council.

Previous mayors

Keresyk si'Allvar - Resigned Akroeg 409 (2013) to devote himself to the family business on M'Riss.
Anbreith y'Denesal - Appointed (2002) Regent Mayor by Prince Vorclaf to oversee responsibilities until Keresyk came of age.
Lindryl Jinsaith - Retired to M'Riss to be with her husband.

Prominent people


Leth Deriel began as a settlement of Forest Elves around the Sana'ati Dyaus Drui'tas, which served as a fortress. The city was grown around this tree. The forest elves of Leth Deriel played one of the largest roles in the Elven-Human War, which started due to a forest elf eloping with a human.

Sithsia, the mad mage defended Leth Deriel and was the ultimately the downfall of Dzree, the last High Priestess of the Dragon Priest Empire. see Book:hrrwlwd for more information

Lindryl set up refuge camps for refugee's from The Crossing in Leth Deriel during the Gorbesh wars.

The Children of Kalestraum have long been considered to be centered in Leth Deriel, it is said that they have a manor or tower cloaked by magic within the city itself.

Locations about town


Unique shops and services

A non-metal dyer Reena's Rainbow


Bars, inns, and taverns

Rest of Ages Inn

Prominent hangouts

Leth Deriel Center

Important activities


  • Murrula favor altar in the Leth Deriel Temple (2 northeast from Leth Deriel Center)
  • Berengaria favor altar in the snowbeast area.
  • Glythtide favor altar in a 35+ Cleric only quest area near Leth Deriel.

Task givers

There are currently no known task givers in Leth Deriel.


Moon Mages of a certain circle might find themselves end up near Leth.


Blood Nyad
Blood Dryad
Bone Wolf
Dryad Priestess
Grave Worm
Misshapen Germish'din
Moss Mey
Pale Grey Death Spirit
Revenant Zombie
Twisted Dryad
Seordhevor Kartais
Storm Bull





Leth Deriel is the city of the Forest Elves. Leth Deriel has close ties to Ilithi in the south, the River Elves of Ilaya Taipa in the west, and the Rissan Elves Mer'Kresh in the east.

Available Swimming:

  1. Moss Mey's stream
  2. Ilaya Taipa Harbor

Available Climbing:

  1. Undergondola
  2. Near Snowbeasts
  3. Near the Manor