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The RECALL command is the ability to remember various bits of information regarding various aspects of Elanthian lore such as famous people, holidays and the Immortals.

Bards are especially adept at recalling this information and through their travels and special guild training are able to recall events that happened in the distant past.

Also see Recall History and Evoke for related Bard abilities.

Also see a list of recalls for instruments.


Recalling information uses and teaches the Scholarship skill. Recalls are tiered and as your skill increases you will find yourself recalling more and more information.

A small amount of Scholarship skill (approximately 50 ranks), Charisma (~15) and Intelligence (12) are needed to make use of any of the recalls.

For their respective guilds as applicable, Bardic Mojo, Clerical Devotion, and Paladin Soul State make a slight difference in the skillcheck, although they will not allow bypassing of hard-coded minimums. Having low Bardic Mojo will also prevent the Bard from using RECALL in the first place.


  • RECALL HELP -- Displays this information.
  • RECALL <critter|npc|person|item>
The above options -may- provide special insights depending on guild and Scholarship skill.

  • RECALL AREA -- Attempts to tell if there are location based recalls nearby. Will not track through portals.
Traders can use this in an attempt to remember where a Caravan is parked. The results can vary based on both the recall ability of the trader and the distance from the caravan.
Recall Caravan is simply a tool for traders who may have left a caravan briefly to attend other matters and forgot where they left it.
Note: This is not part of the main Recall system, and does not award experience as a result, nor is it likely to. The verb recall was used simply because it made the most sense.
  • RECALL FAMOUS <name> -- Tries to recall information about <name>.
  • RECALL HEAVENS < celestial object> -- Recalls what prophetic areas a heavenly body holds sway over.
  • RECALL HEAVENS Grazhir -- Recalls the Names of Grazhir shards you've learned.
  • RECALL HERB -- Lists common healing herbs.
  • RECALL HERB (<herb/wound>):
If an herb name is specified, displays information on given herb.
If a wound is specified, displays appropriate herb(s) for that wound.
Wound options include internal or external, all body parts, and scars.
Examples: back scars, internal head, exterior scars, neck
  • RECALL HISTORY -- Makes an attempt to see what you know about this area.
  • RECALL HOLIDAY -- Tries to recall the current and next holiday.
  • RECALL HOLIDAY <holiday name> -- It will give specific information on that day.
  • RECALL HOLIDAY LIST -- Will list the more common holidays.
  • RECALL IMMORTAL <name> -- Tries to recall information about <name>.
  • RECALL MOUNT -- Recalls facts about any mounts you may own.
  • RECALL NEXUS -- Recalls common Nexus gathering points.
  • RECALL WARRANT -- Recalls any outstanding warrants you may have.

Recall Types


All guilds may attempt to RECALL <critter>. Various information can be gained depending on Scholarship skill and the type of critter. The creature must be in the same room as you for this to work.

  • Certain creatures have descriptive information:
  • You can tell which magic a creature uses. From easiest to hardest to determine:
  • Spells that belong to your guild's spellbooks
  • Spells that are of your mana type, but not your guild's spellbooks
  • Spells that are not of your mana type
  • You can determine if a creature carries boxes.
  • The timer on learning between successive recall <critters> is 1500 seconds (25min).
The cooldown timer for use is real life time, logged in or not.
The timer only resets if you gain experience. It's fine to input the command early. If you don't gain experience you are not penalized.


Bards can recall details about famous figures or groups in Elanthia's history.[1]

Each listing is broken down into several cumulative tiers of information based on Scholarship skill.


Rangers, Empaths, Bards, and Necromancers recall some basic information about various herbs in Elanthia. With a few exceptions, this will only give information about herbs that are foragable. More specifically, it includes only those herbs listed in the generic RECALL HERB. Rangers have the easiest skillchecks, while Bards have the hardest.


  • RECALL HERB - Lists common healing herbs
  • RECALL HERB <herb> - Gives the body part the herb heals and the general type of areas where the herb can be found.
  • RECALL HERB <wound> - Lists the herb(s) that will heal that body part as well as the general type of areas where the herb(s) can be found. Valid wound options are:
  • any specific body part, torso or limbs
  • internal, external
  • scars
  • any combination of the above options with at most one from each category


Bards can recall the history in various locations around Elanthia. Details about how to use the ability can be found here.


Elanthian Holidays can be recalled by Bards, Clerics, or Traders.

  • There are four categories of holidays, and each of the three Guilds may find some of them easier to remember than others.[2]
  • This ability has a 5 minute learning timer.

There are three ways to use this ability:

  • RECALL HOLIDAY LIST provides a list of all holidays that may be recalled.
  • RECALL HOLIDAY on its own lists several pieces of information:
  • The current holiday and the day it starts.
  • The next holy week and the day it starts.
  • The next secular holiday and the day it starts.
  • RECALL HOLIDAY <HOLIDAY> provides specific details about the holiday selected. In order from easiest to hardest to recall this is:
  • What category of holiday it is: i.e. holy week, minor holiday, etc.
  • The day it begins and how many days it lasts.
  • Details about the holiday itself such as its origins, common practices, or history. This section is broken into different tiers of difficulty so a skilled character may recall more details than a less skilled one.

Holy Weeks:

Major Holidays:

Minor/Secular Holidays:


Immortals can be RECALLed by a Bard, Cleric, or Paladin.[3]

  • Clerics have the easiest skill checks while Bards have the hardest.
  • Only the Thirteen and their aspects can be recalled at this time. Other pantheons cannot. The World Dragon may be recalled as a Famous historical figure.
  • As you become more skilled, you gain more information about the immortal.
  • The information recalled is cumulative and from easiest to hardest is:
  • The god's animal symbol.
  • The other two aspects of the god. For example, recalling Albreda will list Tamsine and Harawep as her other aspects.
  • General information about the god's sphere of influence and worship practices. This information is broken down into several tiers of difficulty, so not all information may be available if you lack the skill.
  • The experience timer on Recall Immortal is 6 minutes.


For most guilds and items this is simply fluff messaging.

E.g. You suddenly remember the location of your <item>.

Bards can recall certain items while holding them to get additional information.


No one really understands the forces behind a Nexus point, be they divine or otherwise, but over time such points have become common gathering points for trade, services, learning and more. From an academic standpoint, it should be noted that Nexus points are a separate and unique entity from the Bardic Nexus enchante. While the enchante also has beneficial effects to those nearby and excels with additional support from others, the benefits conveyed are quite different.

Little formal research has been done into the matter, as most simply accept these regions without question in much the same way as breathing -- it simply happens without thought or notice. Some researchers have noted groups performing ritual sacrifices at Nexus points. Scholars believe these rituals simply bring together like-minded individuals who benefit from the company of one another. Members of the clergy, however, believe these sites to be touched by the divine because of the offerings made and the benefits bestowed.

Whatever the reason, many of the identified Nexus points have proven to be pivotal locations in conflicts, celebrations, miracles, trade and other important events throughout recorded history. Whether outside forces truly act upon the areas or these events are simply coincidence, the beneficial effects of gathering at a Nexus have been clearly noted.

[To see a list of established Nexus points, please see RECALL NEXUS LIST.]


Based on circle, it will notify a character if they have an active warrant, and will provide more information at higher circles.

Circle (0-19) are told if they have a warrant or not.
Circle (20-49) are told if they have a warrant or not, and where it is.
Circle (50-99) are told if they have a warrant or not, where it is, and what the crime is.
Circle 100+ are told if they have a warrant or not, where it is, what the crime is, and what the fine is.

Timers and Learning

  • Recall teaches Scholarship skill if the topic being recalled is a challenge.
  • Recalling the general categories of Holiday, Immortal, Famous, Herb, Item and Creature all have separate timers, although they behave similarly:
  • Recalls in the same category that are done before the timer is up teach progressively less and less Scholarship skill.
  • You can recall the same category up to 10 times before you will gain no more experience until the timer expires.
  • You can recall the same topic 10 time or 10 different topics and, if the difficultly of the topic is the same, you will learn the same amount.
  • The timer is fully reset for a given category every time you recall something from it.
  • Recall History behaves in a similar manner except that each history location has a separate timer.

Miscellaneous Notes

  • In some cases, there is no difference between the message for failing the scholarship skill check and the message indicating there is nothing to recall.
  • For example, getting the message, "You give a <critter> a look of sudden recognition." when trying to RECALL <CRITTER> could mean one of two things:
  • there is something that you can recall on the critter but you failed the check due to lack of skill, or...
  • there is nothing that you can recall at all for that critter.
  • Recall was originally a Bard only ability. When expanded to include other guilds a caveat was put in place requiring that Bards have access to every recall, although they don't necessarily have to be the best at it.[4]


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