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A tool that is useful to the Moon Mage for attempting to locate constellations and planets that are not immediately apparent to the Mage. They can be used by anyone, but do not offer any training benefits.



Optionally, a telescope can be FOCUSed, though this is of questionable value.

Stationary Variations

This list of telescopes can be found in permanent locations throughout the provinces. These will withstand the elements and can be used at any time.

Province City Location Restrictions
Forfedhdar Hibarnhvidar Trabe Plateau, Moon Mage Guild
Forfedhdar Haalikshal Highway Along the road near Lewkar Awg
Forfedhdar Pilgrimage Trail Within the Cleric's Guild
Ilithi Shard House of the Silver Star (location) House Member-only
Ilithi Shard Observatory (next to shard Marendin)
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Ger Ilerthan
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Misrel Lemicus'a Magical Studies Room
Qi'Reshalia Mer'Kresh Mer'Kresh, Caress-of-the-Moons Manor
Qi'Reshalia Ratha 2nd tier Windward Overlook (NW from Selridge Road)
Qi'Reshalia Ratha 3rd tier, Phelim Temple
Qi'Reshalia Taisgath Moon Mage guildhall
Therengia Langenfirth Gorbesh Fortress
Therengia Therenborough Konezu's Lenses
Therengia Throne City Medical Pavilion Rooftop
Therengia Throne City Observatory
Therengia Riverhaven Observatory
Therengia Riverhaven Pierless Inn Rooftop
Zoluren Crossing Crofton Close
Zoluren Crossing Observatory
Zoluren Ilaya Taipa NW from the general store
Zoluren Ilaya Taipa tower over the dock gate
Zoluren Leth Deriel Observatory
Zoluren Wolf Clan in the Ancient Tower

Mobile Variations

These telescopes are carried by the Mage. They are prone to damage from the elements and should be kept in containers, often they will be sold paired with a telescope case or tube.

  • OPEN TELESCOPE: To extend your telescope for use. It will measure 3x1x1 while open.
  • CLOSE TELESCOPE: To collapse your telescope down to 2x1x1.
 Rare itemSource
Item:Cambrinth telescope suspended from a flat gold chainfalseKonezu's Lenses
Item:Sturdy deobar telescopefalseKonezu's Lenses
Item:Fine brass telescopefalseArtisan Display and Sales
Item:Ingenious clockwork telescopefalse
Item:Simple mahogany telescopefalseKonezu's Lenses
Item:Simple oak telescopefalseArtisan Display and Sales
Item:Well-crafted elaborate gold telescope with small dents along its casingfalseMuseum of Imperial History
Item:Basic ebonwood telescopefalseKonezu's Lenses
Item:Crude wooden telescopefalseArtisan Display and Sales
Item:Fine black telescope with polished brass bandsfalseDunshade: Echo of Tears
Black chest painted with the constellations of the Elanthian sky and labeled "His."
Item:Well-crafted mahogany telescope with etched silver edgingfalseCorik's Secret: Treasures of the Tomb
Midnight blue telescope tube set with burnished star-shaped studs
Item:Simple ash telescopefalseKonezu's Lenses
Item:Fine black telescope with polished silver bandsfalseDunshade: Echo of Tears
Ebonwood chest inlaid with silver constellations labeled "His"
Item:Simple satinwood telescopefalseKonezu's Lenses
Item:Basic silverwillow telescopefalseKonezu's Lenses
Item:Fine ivory telescope with scrimshaw bandsfalseDunshade: Echo of Tears
Item:Segmented steel telescope with a notched cog encircling the lenstrueMorum Melgorehn
Fine ivory telescope with scrimshaw bandstrueDunshade: Echo of Tears
Telescope case covered with blue satin
Slender burlwood telescope with a pale golden eyepiecetrueMoon Mage Conclaves
Polished bocote telescope banded with tyriumtrueBocote telescope case with tyrium end caps
Basic ebonwood telescopetrueKonezu's Lenses
Lacquered teak telescope with swirling moabi inlaytrueMoon Mage Conclaves
Item:Gloomwood telescope inlaid with silvertrueClear Visions (1)
Fine black telescope with polished brass bandstrueDunshade: Echo of Tears
Black chest painted with the constellations of the Elanthian sky and labeled "His."
Simple mahogany telescopetrueKonezu's Lenses
Well-crafted elaborate gold telescope etched with the three moonstrueEssential Sects Shop (1)
Essential Sects Shop (2)
Moon Mage Pavilion
Silver telescope covered in flamescaletrueHollow Eve Festival 410 Auction
Cambrinth telescope suspended from a flat gold chaintrueKonezu's Lenses
Simple satinwood telescopetrueKonezu's Lenses
Replica Emperor's Eye telescopetrueMentor gifts and prizes
Simple oak telescopetrueArtisan Display and Sales
Well-crafted brass and wood telescopetrueEyes of Damaris
Item:Polished brass telescopetruePrison Riot: The Aftermath
Segmented steel telescope with a notched cog encircling the lenstrueMorum Melgorehn
Telescope covered in soft fur and bearing long flowing earstrueThee Mottl'd Teoy Shoppe
Ivory telescope inlaid with a ruby-eyed golden dragontrueEstate Holder gifts
Star-spangled midnight blue sack shaped like a conical wizard's cap
Slender e'erdream telescope scattered with lustrous merlot rubiestrueClear Visions (2)
Flamewood telescope with platinum bandstrueRuins of Ulf'Hara/End loot
Supple leather telescope case
Well-crafted mahogany telescope with etched silver edgingtrueCorik's Secret: Treasures of the Tomb
Midnight blue telescope tube set with burnished star-shaped studs
Polished brass telescopetrueFrog's Tent of Wonders
Prison Riot: The Aftermath
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