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A tool that is useful to the Moon Mage for attempting to locate constellations, planets and other celestial anomalies that are not immediately apparent to the Mage. They can be used by anyone, but do not offer any training benefits.


  • OPEN MY TELESCOPE: To extend your mobile handheld telescope.
  • STUDY MY TELESCOPE: :General use info, relative telescope quality, and instructions if it needs to be FOCUSED.
  • CENTER MY TELESCOPE ON <TARGET>: Where <target> is a heavenly body from the star chart.
  • STUDY MY TELESCOPE: <Optional>. To see telescope commands and determine the quality of your telescope.
  • FOCUS MY TELESCOPE: If needed, to improve the focus. This might require multiple attempts.
  • PEER MY TELESCOPE: To make a telescope aided observation.
  • CLOSE MY TELESCOPE:To close your mobile handheld telescope.
  • LOWER <GROUND/GROUND LEFT>: To carefully place your telescope at your feet. DROPping a telescope will break it and render it useless until repaired.

Telescope Quality

  • Crudely made
  • Poorly made
  • Averagely made
  • Finely made
  • Exquisitely crafted
  •  ?

Stationary Variations

This list of telescopes can be found in permanent locations throughout the provinces. These will withstand the elements and can be used at any time.

Province City Location Restrictions Quality
Forfedhdar Hibarnhvidar Trabe Plateau, Moon Mage Guild Poorly Made
Forfedhdar Haalikshal Highway Along the road near Lewkar Awg Out of Order
Forfedhdar Pilgrimage Trail Within the Cleric's Guild, genie zone 127, roomid 225 Poorly Made
Ilithi Shard House of the Silver Star (location) House Member-only
Ilithi Shard Observatory (next to shard Marendin) Poorly Made
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Ger Ilerthan, genie 99, 31 Poorly Made
Qi'Reshalia Aesry Misrel Lemicus'a Magical Studies Room, genie 99, 172 Poorly Made
Qi'Reshalia Mer'Kresh Mer'Kresh, Caress-of-the-Moons Manor, genie 107, 299 Poorly Made
Qi'Reshalia Ratha 2nd tier Windward Overlook (NW from Selridge Road), genie 90, 199 Poorly Made
Qi'Reshalia Ratha 3rd tier, Phelim Temple, genie 90, 398 Crudely Made
Qi'Reshalia Taisgath Moon Mage guildhall, genie 90d, 10 Poorly Made
Therengia Langenfirth Gorbesh Fortress Poorly Made
Therengia Therenborough Konezu's Lenses Poorly Made
Therengia Throne City Medical Pavilion Rooftop Poorly Made
Therengia Throne City Observatory, genie 35, 139 Poorly Made
Therengia Riverhaven Moon Mage Guild Observatory Poorly Made
Therengia Riverhaven Pierless Inn Roof Garden Poorly Made
Zoluren Crossing Crofton Close Poorly Made
Zoluren Crossing Rooftop Gazebo Poorly Made
Zoluren Crossing Observatory, NE of Kssarh, atop a looming skeleton Non-functioning
Zoluren Crossing Observatory, all others on third level Poorly Made
Zoluren Ilaya Taipa Yol Dushmal, NW N NW from General Store Poorly Made
Zoluren Ilaya Taipa Harbor Tower Rooftop Poorly Made
Zoluren Leth Deriel Observatory Poorly Made
Zoluren Leth Deriel University Crudely Made
Zoluren Wolf Clan in the Ancient Tower Poorly Made

Mobile Variations

These telescopes are carried by the Mage. They are prone to damage from the elements and should be kept in containers, often they will be sold paired with a telescope case or tube.

  • OPEN TELESCOPE: To extend your telescope for use. It will measure 3x1x1 while open.
To STUDY or FOCUS your telescope it must be OPEN.
  • CLOSE TELESCOPE: To collapse your telescope down to 2x1x1.
ItemSource isRare itemIs incomplete
Basic ebonwood telescopeKonezu's Lenses
Basic silverwillow telescopeKonezu's Lenses
Battered brass cartographer's spyglassGrey sharkskin cartographer's toolbag clasped with a brass compass roseJakuv's All-Trades Outlet (1)Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet (2)Jakuv's All-Trades Outlet (3)
Bocote telescope fitted with uthamar-rimmed clear Xibar topaz lensesSu Helmas: Seeds of Entropy/End lootSu Helmas: The Forbidden Temple 434/End lootSu Helmas: The Forbidden Temple 438/End lootSu Helmas: Entrapped 440/End loottrue
Clockwork telescope (crafted)true
Copper and brass telescope with polished quartz lensesGlass egg framed with delicate strands of gold/prizestrue
Crude bamboo telescope dangling strands of vibrant beadsFate's Fortune's Games/Prizes
Crude wooden telescopeArtisan Display and SalesEyes of Damaristrue
Fine black telescope with polished brass bandsBlack chest painted with the constellations of the Elanthian sky and labeled "His."Dunshade: Echo of Tears/End loot
Fine black telescope with polished silver bandsEbonwood chest inlaid with silver constellations labeled "His"Dunshade: Echo of Tears/End loottrue
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